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People and Objects - Isabel Berglund & Kristian Devantier


May 24 - June 30, 2018

About the show

Textile artist Isabel Berglunds and visual artist Kristian Devantier’s visual and sculptural values meet in a dialogical and installation exhibition where artists integrate their two media lines and drawings into new works that go close to people and nature.

Isabel Berglund and Kristian Devantier are each known for their distinctive and recognizable use of the media they have cultivated in a row of years – textile and knitting and painting and drawing.

Kristian Devantier’s works have an insistence on an anti-expressive language that closely resembles the expression of children’s drawing and popular culture, but in contrast to pop art, he fills his works with history where everyday scenes blend with fairy tales, myths and dreams, and where film strips, news clippings and other good news from the media stream have found their way. Here the figure appears on the flip of the stylistic and abstract.

Isabel Berglund is known for her large-scale knitting monuments, which are created, among other things, through a series of workshops where volunteers help create the work. The result is spectacular works of art, in which the artist’s aesthetics are combined with the participants’ artistic knitting contributions. Isabel Berglunds uses handcuffs as a central grip in her art practice, combining elements from both the knitwear, the design industry and the art world and deliberately working to dispute their meaning. Her works often deal with identity and surface, where the relationship between work and body is of great importance to the overall perception.

The two artists who daily share not only the studio but also form private, have created a common universe, where the soft material meets the sharp lines of the paper and pen and coalesces into a new whole of surfaces and textures that show other aspects and dimensions of the artists’ usual practice. Over a period of more than a year, they have been traveling on residences and atelier work on a whole new series of joint works that believe in their original starting point and interests, merging in a new coherent and surprising aesthetic expression.

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