Jesper Palm Studio Visit

As reference for his paintings, Jesper Palm uses his own posed photographs. Shooting from a detailed script, he varies his photos in a series of compositions with different details and angles. Having a variety of frames, he can then edit together several images on the computer to get a finished reference picture.

About the artist

Working with several different versions of the same image, the artist brings out certain sections and pushes back others into more secondary positions. Variably modifying colors and shapes offers greater freedom for painting, while embedding additional layers of meaning.
Among his inspirations, Palm counts painters like Eric Fischl, Mark Tansey and Luc Tuymans, as well as filmmakers like Wim Wenders and Yang Fudong.

In the initial composition, Palm’s method is a lot like a filmmaker’s, but instead of writing out the story, he lets the narrative emerge in what can be likened to a series of stills. His paintings, as a rule, do not focus directly on a dramatic highlight. Instead, zeroing in on a state where time is experienced as having all but ceased, they depict situations where major events have already played out or are about to happen.
Palm’s favorite themes involve being in transit, getting lost, breaking habitual patterns, waiting, marveling and changing.

The element of mutability is directly manifested as reflections in water. The deformations of the reflections fall like shadow of the ephemeral. In his paintings, Palm uses stillness in conjunction with reflections as an element of underplay. Seeking to seduce viewers, not hit them over the head, he allows his message to slowly, subtly unfold.