Museum Jorn

Machines for Light and Shadow - Per Kirkeby
31 August - 9 December, 2018

About the show

In autumn 2018 Per Kirkeby, one of Denmark’s most internationally influential artists would have turned eighty. Museum Jorn marks the occasion with a major retrospective exhibition dedicated to the brick sculptures and architectural projects the artist created over a period of more than half a century.

The first part of the exhibition focuses on the artist’s use of bricks in a minimalist sculptural form, and it is the first time 18 of the 70 brick sculptures originally created as temporary, indoor sculptures in European cities from 1966 to 2017 are exhibited together. The presentation of reconstructed brick sculptures from Paris (2017), Nantes (1995), London (1986), Münster (1986), Essen (1977) and Copenhagen (1966) is accompanied by previously unseen material, including drawings and documents providing unique insight into Kirkeby’s experimental art practice and the intricate development of his works.

Based on the artist’s distinctive inspirational universe of childhood experiences, nature, geology, and the history of art and architecture, the second part of the exhibition sheds light on Kirkeby’s architectural work. This extensive survey of the artist’s own inspirational material includes architectural models, drawings, sketches and documents that illustrate the artist’s approach to the aesthetic relationship between art and buildings. The architectural section of the exhibition is structured thematically, juxtaposing Kirkeby’s built and unbuilt public projects.

The exhibition title Machines for Light and Shadow is a phrase Kirkeby himself used in his writing as a metaphor for the brick sculptures. Seeing the sculptures as machines associates them with power, movement and action. They produce shadow and light that transforms the space around us, questioning the permanence of architecture and transience of life.

The exhibition PER KIRKEBY Machines for Light and Shadow gives visitors a unique opportunity to experience some of Kirkeby’s most important, historical brick sculptures in an in-depth, multi-faceted context. It encourages discussion of the relationship between sculpture and architecture, and demonstrates the continuing relevance of Per Kirkeby’s brick sculptures to a Danish and international audience.


The exhibition is generously supported by:
Knud Højgaards Fond, Augustinus Fonden, Det Obelske Familiefond, Spar Nord Fonden, 15. Juni Fonden, Det Nissenske Familiefond, Egernsund Tegl, KALK, College 360, Dansk Byggeri Silkeborg, Murerfirmaet Lundby, Gustav Hansen murer & entreprenør, HUJ, Gødvad Murerforretning, Murerfirmaet Jens Peder Pedersen, Petersen Tegl, MV produkter, Jyske Bank

A special thanks to
Statens Museum for Kunst, Ahrenberg Collection, KØS – museum of art in public spaces, Vesthimmerlands Museum, Vesthimmerlands Musikhus ALFA, Folkeuniversitetscentret Skærum Mølle, the Borgen family, Mari Anne Duus Jørgensen, Gallery Susanne Ottesen, Torsten Karlsson, exhibition architect Victor Perlheden and the exhibition’s co-curators Thomas Bo Jensen and Magnus Thorø Clausen

For their extraordinary engagement and committed craftsmanship Museum Jorn thanks
Magnus Blom Chemnits, Nicklas Borg, Holger Buch-Larsen, Bent Ehrenreich, Arne Fremmich, Frederik Lysholt Hansen, Emil Hrkovic, Anders Dannemand Jensen, Bent Johnsen, Lars Skov Kaltoft, Bjørn Overby Kirkegaard, Nicklas Kristensen, Jacob Laursen, Morten Lundby, Preben Roien Madsen, Erling Nielsen, Keld Nielsen, Kim Møller Nielsen, Knud Nielsen, Michael Nielsen, Jens Peder Pedersen, Lasse Pedersen, Thomas Chrapla Pedersen, Kim-Åge Plesner, Henry Vestergård and Sean Morley Würtz

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