5 galleries to visit in Brussels

With a thriving art scene and Art Brussels coming up next week, it seems like the perfect time to highlight 5 galleries to visit in Brussels. Take a closer look at five inspiring venues which are playing an important role in the growth of the city’s vibrant art community. 

1. Xavier Hufkens
The origins of this gallery dates back to 1987, when Xavier Hufkens opened a gallery space in an un-refurbished warehouse in the neighbourhood of South Station (Midi) in Brussels. During the early years of the gallery the focus was upon mid-career and emerging artists, having introduced some of the most influential contemporary artists to Brussels at a time when they were still relatively unknown. With the motto of offering quality above anything, the gallery has a roster of thirty plus artists from various generations, including Willem de Kooning, Tracey Emin, Sterling Ruby, Erwin Wurm and George Condo. Part of the six-member selection committee for Art Basel during seven years, Xavier Hufkens also participates in up to five international Arts Fairs annually.

Address: Rue St-Georges 6 and 107 – Website: www.xavierhufkens.com

Directed by Barthélémy Scholler, Clearing Gallery is present in Brussels and New York. While the Brooklyn gallery started as a project space, it quickly evolved into a fully-fledged gallery. Founder Olivier Babin came to Brussels just a year after the opening in Brooklyn and created a townhouse, opposed to the white cube space in the United States. The gallery represents international artists such as Korakrit Arunaanondchai, Aaron Aujla, Sebastian Black, Ryan Foerster and Marina Pinsky, as well as Belgian artists Koenraad Dedobbeleer and Harold Ancart. It’s also actively involved in collaborations with museums and foundations. Clearing is also present in fairs like Frieze New York, Art Brussels, Fiac and Dallas.

Address: Avenue Louise 292 – Website: www.c-l-e-a-r-i-n-g.com

3. Rodolphe Janssen
Having opened in 1991, Rodolphe Janssen Gallery has organised more than 120 shows and has participated in more than 40 art fairs. The gallery has gained a unique fame of championing and supporting works from diverse types of media, since the 00’s, from European and American artists alike. A presence in the Art Brussels fair, Roldophe Janssen Gallery represents names such as Sam Moyer, Still House Group, Wim Delvoye and Chris Martin.

Address: Rue de Livorne 35 – Website: www.galerierodolphejanssen.com

4. Dépendance
The Brussels-based gallery dépendance was founded in 2003 by Michael Callies and Stephan Jaax. The gallery’s artist programme includes the work of contemporary artists who take a social and political stance and operate both inside and outside the established art circuit. dépendance was among the first galleries to open a space in downtown Brussels, which later became the most significant area for young art in the Belgian capital, with both commercial and non-profit spaces.

Address: Varkensmarkt, 4 Rue du Marché aux Porcs – Website: www.dependance.be

5. Almine Rech
Being married to Picasso’s grandson brings even more glamour to Almine Rech’s gallery. Since the gallery’s first exhibition, a single piece by James Turrel, their goal has been to “go out there and do things for the artists”. Its clear that they want to showcase not just the artist’s works, but also the strong individual characters they are. Being present in fairs such as Art Brussels and Frieze London and representing artists like Jeff Koons, Anselm Reyle, James Turrell, Julian Schnabel and David Ostrowski. Almine Rech is present in Brussels, but also in Paris and London.

Address: Rue de L’Abbaye Abdijstraat 20 – Website: www.alminerech.com

Source: Aujourdhui

Antony Gormley LIVING ROOM 9 March—8 April 2017 at Gallery Xavier Hufkens. Photo Courtesy: Xavier Hufkens