Where rationality ends and art appears

Artland zooms in on the Norwegian artist Mikael Øye Hegnar, who dares to question his role as an artist through his keen curiosity about art as a medium. Mikael Øye Hegnar presents a solo presentation with 1857 at Independent Brussels.

Spring, 2016, 140 x 110 cm., oil on canvas.

In his exploration of ever new ways of applying paint to the canvas, Mikael Øye Hegnar seeks to make himself a stranger to his own work. He brushes, pours, pushes, and prints his various pigmented pastes onto the canvas, and reworks them with hand-made as well as traditional painting tools, including painting knives, scrapers, straight or notched edged trowels, sticks, cloths, rags, and brushes.

Kunstnerforbundet 2017.

This wide array of media, which includes traditional wax encaustic as well as oils and raw pigments, allows chance compositions to appear as if out of nowhere. The hastily sketched figures and patterns that populate his landscapes owe their immediacy to a careful reconfiguring of the tools used to scratch and carve them, where oversized handles or serrated edges become a foil to any technical virtuosity.

Beeswax and pigment on skai, 2016, 73 x 56 cm.

About the artist
Mikael Øye Hegnar was born in 1984 in Oslo, Norway. He graduated from The Academy of Fine Art in Oslo in 2010. His works has recently been shown in venues including Kunstnerforbundet, QB Gallery and Galleri BOA, all in Oslo and Elephant Kunsthall, Lillehammer. Upcoming exhibitions include Kristiansand Kunsthall, Kristiansand. Hegnar lives and works in Oslo.