Connected parallel abstractions

In their series of duo-exhibitions, Norwegian artist couple Ingri Haraldsen and Petter Buhagen, combine works that, despite their strictly separated production and starting points, are tied together through visual and conceptual connections. 

Petter Buhagen: (Foreground) Bureaucrats of Experience (pinch), valchromat, glue, and acrylic paint, 30 x 38 x 90 cm, 2017. (Back wall) Behavioral Data, printer toner and achival varnish on paper, 72 x 102 cm (each), 2017.

Ingri Haraldsen’s oeuvre is rooted in the field of drawing, where she creates photo realistic works with charcoal or graphite on paper. The motifs are very particular, but being stripped for central benchmarks, they become intriguingly uncanny. In her large-scale charcoal drawings, she plays with our urge to understand by using the absence of scale indicators to add a layer of abstraction to the concrete imagery. The drawings are so detailed and meticulously made, that the viewer can become uncertain whether she is looking at a drawing or a photograph.

Ingri Haraldsen: "Tilstand", charcoal on paper, 122 x 162 cm, 2017.

Petter Buhagen’s works present diffuse or abstract motifs that are results of different methodological approaches towards specific materials and techniques. The thematic focus is based on the challenges we face in technology’s development towards an extremely precise, accessible and detailed way to communicate information. Through their design and titles, the works can be seen as a fragmented, poetic reaction towards the increasingly intrusive digital life, where a rapid pace and rigid systems shapes the way in which we think, communicate and live.

Petter Buhagen, "Behavior Data".

In Haraldsen and Buhagen’s current exhibition, “Simulations of(f)” at Kunstnerforbundet in Oslo, their works include sculptures, charcoal drawings, a mural, printer toner on paper and different copy related techniques. As with their previous exhibitions, “Simulations of(f)” is a continuation of a study on how we relate to the abstract or intangible. The basis is the human urge to understand, acquire an overview, insight and knowledge, and how art can contribute to this in our complex contemporary time.

Ingri Haraldsen & Petter Buhagen: "Simulations of(f)", exhibition installation view, 2017.

All photos by Anders Valde.

CV (extract)
Ingri Haraldsen
Born 1984
Lives and work in Oslo, Norway

2009-10 The University of the Basque Country, Bilbao, Spain (exchange program)
2007-10 BA, art and design, HiO, Oslo

Solo & duo exhibitions
2016              Blindsone, QB Gallery, Oslo
2015              Saltation, duo exhibition with Petter Buhagen, Norske Grafikere, Oslo
2015              Turbidity, duo exhibition with Petter Buhagen, Trøndelag senter for samtidsskunst, Trondheim
2015              Avstand, Østmarka, Oslo Utmark
2014             Grus, is, sand, støv og stein, festivalkunstner, Petter Dass-museet, Alstahaug
2014              Brakk, duo exhibition with Petter Buhagen, TM51, Oslo
2013              Kataklysmeg, book release and exhibition with Lisa Cranner, NoPlace, Oslo
2013              Krater, duo exhibition with Petter Buhagen, Kurant, Tromsø
2012              Mental Istid, duo exhibition with Petter Buhagen, Babel Art Space, Trondheim
2012              Face/No Face, duo exhibition with Petter Buhagen, One Night Only, Oslo
2011              Tell me what to swallow, solo exhibition, Galleri Blunk, Trondheim
2010             Maa, Globaliseringskonferansen, Oslo

CV (extract)
Petter Buhagen
Born 1983
Lives and works in Oslo, Norway

2006 – 2008 MA Fine Arts, Oslo National Academy of the Arts, Norway
2003 – 2006 BA Fine Arts, The Arts Institute at Bournemouth, England

Solo & duo exhibitions
2017              Simuleringer av, with Ingri Haraldsen, Kunstnerforbundet, Oslo
2015              Saltation, with Ingri Haraldsen, Galleri Norske Grafikere, Oslo
2015              Turbidity, with Ingri Haraldsen, Trøndelag Senter for Samtidskunst, Trondheim
2014              Brakk, with Ingri Haraldsen, TM51 Main Gallery, Oslo
2013              Krater, with Ingri Haraldsen, Kurant, Tromsø
2012              The Suicide of a Potemkin Person, Akershus kunstsenter, Lillestrøm
2012              Mental istid with Ingri Haraldsen, Babel visningsrom for kunst, Trondheim
2012              Face / NoFace with Ingri Haraldsen, One Night Only Gallery, Oslo
2010              Smart Spam – Punk & HC Distro, Podium, Oslo
2007              Self-Titled, Galleri 21:25, Oslo