Artland magazine special edition featuring 14 Dutch art collectors

Collecting art is a personal journey which each collector navigates differently. However, all have one thing in common: the joy of sharing the fruits of their journey with likeminded.

To bring some of these captivating stories to life we have compiled fourteen interviews with Dutch art collectors, whom are all different but equally passionate about sharing their personal collector journey.

Meet Ingrid Trijzelaar!

Nico Kos, no title // Jade van der Mark, Caesar

Name: Ingrid Trijzelaar
Location: Amsterdam
Started collecting in year: 1981
Number of artworks in collection: 25                                             

Name of collection: Trijzelaar Collection

According to art collector Ingrid Trijzelaar, the world would look very different without art. Not only is it a reflection of the spirit of our time, it also has the power to bring about change. Therefore, she does not just collect art for her own sake; she also seeks to create more awareness through art.

Photos by Saffron Pape

What is your earliest memory of art, and what led you to start collecting it?

In my childhood home, I was introduced to the beauty of silver objects and got a sense of aesthetics and the appreciation of it. However, it was a very close friend of mine, born and raised in an artistic family, who triggered my interest in art. I used to visit their studio quite often, and it gave me a feeling of freedom in mind and body, but above all; inspiration. I began following private courses of iconography, taught by an art historian, which led me to choose History of Art as a subject in school.

What is the main motivation behind your collecting?

Without art, the world would look very different. Art is an important messenger, and it really has the power to bring about change.

Is there a unifying element in your art collection?

Portraits and human figures.

Ricky Powel // Amparo Sand

Is there a piece in your collection you have a particularly strong attachment to?

My first piece of art holds a special place in my heart. It has been and still is a stepping-stone to so many new, inspiring experiences in my life.

How important is it for you to meet the artist behind the artwork?

It is actually very important to me, but of course, it is not always possible. I do have a close friendship with some artists, and I love to talk with them for hours about art and go into depths with their works. Meeting the artist adds an extra dimension to the work that also becomes a part of my collecting history.

Are there any particular artists who play a significant role in your collection and whose development you have followed closely?

Yes, that would be Vika Kova, Nico Kos, Noah Latif Lamp, and Jade van der Mark.

How has your taste changed since you started collecting?

In retrospect, my taste has become less traditional, and my interest in different types of media has increased.

How is the online art market evolving according to you?

The market is getting more transparent due to the inter – net, which I think is very positive. On the other hand, it also causes an overload of art, so you end up with high quality and poor quality. The focus is select quality, the rest is a matter of taste. In the end, Art is Emotion.

In your opinion, what is the role of an art collector in the making of art history?

For me, it is very important to create more awareness through art. It is a reflection of the spirit of the time and deserves to be seen by as many people as people. Many artists have a clear message to society, and therefore, I think art collectors have a certain responsibility to to educate people and share expertise.

Where do you think the future of the art world is headed?

Unfortunately, I think it will be more and more like a commodity market.

Describe your collection in three words

Social responsibility. Inspiring. Quality.

Top three pieces of advice for new collectors

It is difficult to say because art is emotion. I prefer to advise them to follow the website and discover their own taste first. However, I think that graffiti art will grow as a very serious art movement in the near future with artists like Cripta Djan leading the way.

Top three art destinations

London, Los Angeles, and New York.

Inspiring artists to watch

Vika Kova, Noah Latif Lamp, Jade van der Mark, Amparo Sard, and Cripta Djan.

Carel Visser 1989 woodcut