HEART - Herning Museum of Contemporary Art

Letmein - Ry David Bradley & Jon Rafman
29 September, 2018 - 17 February, 2019

About the show

HEART is proud to present the first museum exhibition with Ry David Bradley (Aus) and Jon Rafman (Can). The two artists have risen to international prominence in the past years through their artistic investigations into how technology informs and changes our perception of art.

While the digital screen is all pervasive in our lives today it would be a misnomer to think this is an entirely new element in our lives and dwellings. From cave paintings, to ancient mosaics to Japanese Byoby screens and the European tapestry tradition; different worlds and perspectives have always been glimpsed through a superficial representation. Though ones that attempts to give the viewer the impression of looking into or being in a different world, thereby creating an instability between the physical and the imaginary.

Taking it’s point of departure from both an affinity with the transient nature of digital dematerialisation letmein seeks to offer a new perspective on the nature of our continuous and pervasive interaction with digital and physical medias that offers views into essentially immaterial worlds.

Working with all fully covered environments combined with digital projections and AI constructed content the exhibition seek to create one of the most immersive museum exhibitions to date. It will be like living within the screen.