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Interview: Sophie Neuendorf, Vice President of Artnet

Sophie Neuendorf shares her unique journey through the art world – a blend of heritage and…

Richard Serra: The Poet of Iron

One of the most significant artists of his generation, Richard Serra transformed the notion of…

Art Brussels 2024 - highlights

Art Brussels 40th Edition: Curated Highlights

Dive into Art Brussels 2024 with a curated selection by Edouard Vermeulen & Josée Gensollen.

Impressionism 150th anniversary

Celebrating 150 Years of Impressionism

A series of events commemorates the 150th anniversary of the first Impressionist show, celebrating…

Art Paris 2024: Between Increased International Gallery Participation & New Curatorial Focus

Presenting over 136 galleries, 900+ artists, and unique themes, Art Paris 2024 opens at the Grand…

American Realism

Art Movement: American Realism

Read about the movement that wished to capture the American landscape and urban spaces in a…

Susana Aldanondo – The Street as a Studio 

Known for stepping out into the streets of New York and painting in the city's vibrant public…

Kafka drawings

The Other Franz Kafka: The Visionary Writer’s Drawings That Were Meant To Be Destroyed

Explore the drawings of the inimitable author Franz Kafka, which survive today thanks to the…

Wrong Biennale 2024

The Wrong Biennale: Editor’s Picks

Discover our picks from the world’s largest online art biennial, which encourages experimentation…

In Conversation With Leading Art Market Expert and Best-Selling Author Magnus Resch

Described as an 'art advisor in your pocket' a new book helps art lovers navigate the world of…

In Dreams — Symbols and Rituals in the Photography of Flor Garduño

Opening on February 15, a pop-up exhibition in London brings together selected works by acclaimed…

250 Years of Caspar David Friedrich: Romanticism, Resonance and Reflection

Explore the life of Caspar David Friedrich, his work and legacy, including major exhibitions and…

Nan Goldin Art

Nan Goldin – Revolutionizing Photography Through Daring Intimacy

A journey through the artist's practice, from The Ballad of Sexual Dependency to the current…

Art world 2024

The Year Ahead: the Art World in 2024

Discover the major art fairs, art trends and exhibitions set to shape the art world this year.

The Other Thom Yorke: The Visual Art of the Radiohead Star

Discover the visual art of Radiohead's Thom Yorke, whose series of paintings, created with Stanley…

The Best Art Books of 2023

Explore some inspirational and beautiful titles to line your shelves this winter.

Nevena Nprijic Interview

Nevena Prijic on Her Creative Process, Inspiration and a New Mural at the Worcester Art Museum

LA-based artist Nevena Prijic combines a futuristic aesthetic with ancient references.

Guest curators for Art Antwerp 2023

Art Antwerp 2023: Curated Picks by Gil Bronner & Heidi Ballet

Art Antwerp is back for its 3rd edition. Gil Bronner and Heidi Ballet select the standout booths at…

Hockney Graphic Life

Interview: Simon Elliott, Creator of Hockney’s First-Ever Graphic Biography

In conversation with Simon Elliott about his latest illustrated book, 'Hockney: A Graphic Life.'

Tracey Emin

Tracey Emin: Art that Imitates Life, Traumas and Everlasting Love

Read about Tracey Emin, the British artist known for her provocative confessional art.