Rennie Museum

Kerry James Marshall

02 June  - 03 November, 2018

About the show

Rennie Museum, drawing artwork from Rennie Collection, highlights established and emerging contemporary artists, with a focus on work that speaks to identity, social commentary and injustice. The museum, opened in 2009, has welcomed over 20,000 visitors to date.

Located in the historic Wing Sang building in Vancouver’s Chinatown, Rennie Museum aims to increase access to arts and culture by offering free guided tours. The tours offer robust insight into each exhibition, enhancing visitors overall comprehension, and providing an immersive experience.

Rennie Museum’s exhibition, Kerry James Marshall: Collected Works brings the black experience in America to the forefront. Born in Alabama before moving to South Central Los Angeles as a child, Kerry James Marshall often recalls bearing witness to incidents of racial brutality, including the Watts riots of 1965. His work clearly reflects this contemporary experience of black identity in the United States. Focusing heavily on the representation of black figures, and the implementation of diversity into institutional spaces, Marshall has dedicated his over 40-year career to capturing African-American culture as it truly is, without the imputation of stereotyping.

Marshall’s thought-provoking work has recently been exhibited at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, and the Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles, among many others.  He’s received numerous accolades, including the 2016 Rosenberger medal, the Wolfgang Hahn Prize in 2014, and a MacArthur Foundation Grant in 1997. In 2013, he was selected as a member of President Barack Obama’s Committee on the Arts and Humanities.

Rennie Museum’s exhibition will feature works spanning a 32-year period, reflecting the long-standing relationship between the artist and Rennie Collection. The exhibition opens June 2nd and runs through November 3rd, 2018.

The exhibition is only on view through a free guided tour, which can be booked through

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