Maximise the 3D recording of your space

The opportunity to collaborate with ARTLAND gave Independent the opportunity to embrace early the possibilities of new technologies. We now can share the curated exhibitions with global viewers I ways that transcend time and geography. Together we are breaking new ground in how art is experienced, and archived for future generations of culture.

Elizabeth Dee, Founder/CEO of Independent Art Fair

When an exhibition is really great, it of course has a lot to do with the way the works interact with each other within a specific space….A virtual visitor can hopefully have a stronger sense of this dialogue as they are able to “walk” or navigate themselves through the virtual gallery.

Camila McHugh, Contemporary Fine Arts, Berlin

Gain more attention

Artland app has 50,000 fully engaged collector/art lover profiles who regularly visit and use our services and features. We have over 250,000 monthly points of contact between our app and web platforms, and through other channels such as instagram and Facebook. Attract a new audience and grow your collector base.

Expand your marketing reach

Artland 3D is the world’s most advanced and versatile tool for galleries and their artists and content. Compatible with all devices and with full integration possible with gallery’s websites and digital materials, Artland 3D has almost limitless potential application for marketing and sales strategies.

Bring archiving to life

Artland 3D not only revolutionises digital communication of exhibitions but also the documentation and archiving of them. Customize the recording with tags according to audience or purpose. Whether for gallery, artist, collector, museum or media, in Artland 3D your gallery’s exhibitions can live forever.

Learn about the possibilities with Artland 3D

Use tags to showcase specific information about the artworks

Facilitate and drive sales. Use tags for visitors to directly request artworks.

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Share engaging content on social media with our videos and 360° photos

Receive a package of high-resolution installation photos

Artland’s 3D presentation is an important tool, that gives art collectors the opportunity to travel in a virtual space to exhibitions all over the world. As a gallery, we use it to present the show worldwide and to give our clients a more realistic feeling of the artworks without being present.

Julie Quottrup Silbermann, Senior Director, Nils Stærk

It provides me new ways of expanding the exhibition experience beyond the physical constraints of the gallery. It is not just about reaching a larger audience, but also about providing access to those who cannot personally visit the exhibition.

Claus Andersen, Founder, Andersen’s Contemporary

See how galleries, museums and art fairs around the world are using Artland 3D.

Contemporary Fine Arts

CFA in Berlin presenting the recording of the show on the website.

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Independent Brussels

A newsletter including the 3D recording by Independent Brussels 2018.

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Reflex Amsterdam

Reflex Amsterdam featuring the preview video on social media.

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Let us take care of all the details.



Reach out to us with an inquiry – we will be in touch shortly to answer all your questions. After that we agree together on all the details, date and time that suits you for the recording.



Our videographer will come at an agreed time and record the exhibition. Optimally we need the space without visitors. There is nothing else you need to do apart from preparing the space exactly as you wish it to be featured on the recording.



Within a few days you will receive direct link to your recording together with additional material, consisting of a preview video, installation photos, 360° photos and a photo with a play icon to embed on your website.

Want to know more about Artland 3D. Check out our Q&A.

The 3D camera captures a series of 360° photographs from specific points in order to map the space, creating a fully interactive tour around the gallery that is neither video or animation. Our videographers make sure to capture each exhibition and artwork in the best possible way, creating an experience that is the closest approximation possible to an actual visit.

The recording usually takes from 30 min – 1 hr. The duration depends mainly on the size of the space as well as the specifics of the particular exhibition. The recording involves no disruption to your regular gallery activities.

The entire exhibition space must look just as you wish it to be featured in the 3D view. There is no possibility of editing items captured during recording in post-production, including hiding objects, closing doors etc. The best conditions for the recording of the exhibition are usually during day time, using as much natural light as possible.

It usually takes 2-5 working days for the material to be prepared, including the additional content like videos and installation photographs.

The prices includes 3D recording the selected number of shows per year, hosting on our platforms (app and web), a package of additional digital content including preview video and installation photos, as well as featuring the exhibition on Artland’s various channels.

All the 3D recordings are attached to the gallery profile on To acesss the custom link for embedding the show in HTML, simply open the page of the particular show and click on the round ‘share’ icon in top right corner of the recording. This reveals a code for embedding which can simply be copied and deployed in whichever digital medium you choose.

The exhibition will be featured on the website and in the app, among other 3D tours. View all the exhibitions here.

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