5 Artists to Watch by Leslie O’Neil

Since 2010, art has been a main driver in the life of Dublin-based collector Leslie O’Neil. He focuses mainly on emerging international artists and is always looking to grow his 350 pieces collection. These are the five artists currently on his radar. 

Frank Ammerlaan
Born 1979 in the Netherlands
Lives and works in London, UK

Neil Raitt
Born in 1986, Leicester, UK
Lives and works in London, UK

Neil Raitt

Josh Reames
Borin in 1985 in Dallas, TX, US
Lives and works in Brooklyn, NY, US

Rhys Coren
Born in 1983 in Plymouth, UK
Lives and works in London, UK

Robin Seir
Born in 1986 in Gothenburg, SE
Lives and works in London, UK

Location: Dublin
Started collecting in year: 2010
Number of artworks in collection: 350
Focus of collection: 
Emerging international artists