Limitless space

by Victoria Duffee

The viewer is pulled into a dreamy world of limitless space and lighthearted abstraction in the colorful paintings by Oslo based artist Marianne Hurum. Loose botanical and aquatic imagery is cultivated within fields of colors, fluidly orchestrated on canvas and watercolor paper.

The hand of the artist replaces language in the form of layered lines in varying degrees of clarity in complex patterns. Through the repetition of gesture, a personal vocabulary of imagery emerges, revealing an exploration into themes such as beauty, abandon and vitality. Plants, crestations, seaweed, and wild faces appear as abstract forms, more rooted in memory and impression than representation. As such, the canvas becomes a place of visual poetry.

As the artwork goes well beyond the point of full control, Marianne Hurum’s technique bears a similarity to gardening. Letting the wild beauty do its thing while still striving to make a lasting mark with it, a comparison can be drawn between nature and the paint itself. Working on both paper and canvas, the artist approaches scale as an intuitive relationship to the nature and her own body. The intimacy of a smaller work is considered as well as the physicality and movement of larger scale works. Truly, nature is never not present in the playful artistic universe by Marianne Hurum.

Marianne Hurum

Marianne Hurum

Born 1978 in Oslo, Norway
Lives and works in Oslo

2002-07 Malmø Art Academy, University of Lund, Sweden, MFA
2006 University of Illinois at Chicago UIC, USA
2005 Oslo National Academy of the Arts, Norway
2000-02 Nordland School of Art and Film, Norway
1998-99 Krabbesholm School of Art, Architecture and Design, Skive, Denmark

Solo and two-person exhibitions
(upcoming) Lillehammer Art Museum, Norway
(upcoming) Marianne Hurum and Marte Eknæs, Rake Visningsrom, Trondheim
(upcoming) Kunstnerforbundet, Oslo, Norway
(upcoming) Marianne Hurum + Elizabeth Haarr, collaborative works
(upcoming) Space 4235, Genova, Italy
Marianne Hurum velger seg Inger Sitter, Oslo Kunsthandel
SUPPE MED SUGERØR, Slursula, Oslo, Norway
MESNASAGA DELICIOSA, Elephant Kunsthall, Lillehammer, Norway
Freak on a Leash, Slottsfjell, Tønsberg, Norway. With Ruben Steinum
Marte Eknæs & Marianne Hurum, Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo, Norway
Stretchers, W17, Oslo, Norway
Filét Stativ, Galleri Christian Torp, Oslo, Norway
Borders and Shading, Spacing and Alignment, NoPlace, Oslo, Norway
Skalk av Kalk i edrueligheten min, ONO, UKS, Oslo, Norway
Rue Denis (Kaneel Rework), Trafo Project Room, Asker, Norway
Free Verse, a Mind like Compost, Lothringer13_Laden, Munich, Germany
Maria Brinch & Marianne Hurum, Snake Mountain Gallery, Oslo, Norway
Image-Ridden, UKS, Oslo, Norway
Splittet Kjerne. Atelier BowWow, Krabbesholm, Denmark. With Are Mokkelbost
Sign Rhymes and Open Signs, Landings Vestfossen, Norway
Sign Rhymes, Golden Age, Chicago, USA

Selected group exhibitions
(upcoming) Rake Visningsrom, Trondheim
Juleutstillingen, Kunstnerforbundet, Oslo
Chanting all clamoring, chirping, blaring elevator stops , Munch Museum, Oslo
Re-Decoration , Tableau Paper Show, Oslo
Velvet Rope , GIFC WorldWide, New
As B’s Gallerie du Jour, Paris, France
Got it For Cheap, HAiK W/ Studios, Oslo
Steinsland Berliner, Stockholm, Sweden
Kunstnerforbundet, Oslo, Norway
A Palazzo Gallery, Brescia, Italy
Got it For Cheap, Happy Endings, NYC
NN-A NN-A NN-A, Stavanger Art Museum, Norway
David Risley Gallery, Copenhagen, Denmark
I got it for cheap, Carlos Queso Gallery, Los Angeles
Neologisms, Compartment, Oslo, Norway
Menneskeberget. Edvard Munchs studio, Ekely, Oslo, Norway