ARTLAND got the chance to stop by talented artist Asger Dybvad Larsen in his studio at Jutland Art Academy. Monochrome artworks of various sizes are hanging side by side on a white wall, yet the vibrant tactility in each work is a colorful antidote to this grey November day. An essential component in Asger’s body of work is his dynamic exploration of materials that have the potential to transform the very concept of painting.

Born 1990
Lives and works in Aarhus

Represented by Rolando Anselmi

2016-2017     Jutland Art Academy
2016               Malmö Art Academy
2012-2015     Jutland Art Academy
2011-2012     Kunsthøjskolen på Ærø
2008-2011    BGK – Billedkunstnerisk Grundkursus

Explorations of physicality
Asger is just as humble as a person as he is uncompromising as an artist. Despite his young age, he knows what he is looking for in an artwork: that moment when the material leads to a new experience of physicality. The main focus of his work is directed towards the process of painting. By using different materials such as paint trays, bubble wrap, textile and plastic in new ways, his artistic practice breaks with common composition logic – as when the surface of a paint tray gets to act as an abstract motif or when he sands the painting so that the stretcher bar appears as part of the piece.

Generations in motion
Asger defines the different components in his paintings as a set of generations, each of which is affecting one another in one ongoing motion. A method that highlights the direct interaction between each ‘generation’ is his reuse of materials. This conceptual approach is based on a formalistic investigation rather than a political agenda. Inspired by conceptual themes and traditions within post-war period art, minimalism and abstract expressionism, Asger draws attention to the autonomy of the artwork. He seeks to lead the viewer to investigate the artwork as a repetitive process, in which each layer of material represents a new ‘generation’ of physicality. As such, Asger’s artistic universe reflects the fact that physicality is never static. Each part of the creative process is intertwined, both referring to the individual artwork itself and its predecessors in art history.

As an explorer of artistic generations in motion, Asger is one to watch. An emerging artist of his generation. An artist in motion, determined to leave new tracks.

#paintingssssss, Hunted Projects, Edinburgh, Scotland, 2016
Solo, Galerie Rolando Anselmi, Rome, Italy, 2017
Geukens & De Vil Gallery, Knokke, Belgium, 2017
Solo, False Front, Portland, USA, 2017
CCA Artist-in-Residence, Mallorca, Spain, 2018

Solo Exhibitions
Sense of Space, Pablo’s Birthday Gallery, New York, USA, 2016
Distorted Data, Pablo’s Birthday Gallery, New York, USA, 2015
Transformed in Translation, Galerie Rolando Anselmi, Berlin, Germany, 2015
Art as Art, LARMgalleri, Copenhagen, Denmark, 2015
Titel, Lunchmoney Gallery, Aarhus, Denmark, 2013

Group Exhibitions
Nordic Contemporary, Paris, France, 2016
DANMARK, curated by Mikkel Carl, Copenhagen, Denmark, 2016
The Hawt Show, by Galerie Rolando Anselmi, Rome, Italy, 2016
Abstraction 2, Arróniz, Mexico City, Mexico, 2016
In the depth of the surface, Ex Fabrica Orobia 15, Milano, Italy, 2016
Aujourd’hui je dis oui, Galeria da Boavista, Lisbon, Portugal, 2016
Face To Face, Ernesto Esposito Collection, Palazzo Fruscione Salerno, Italy, 2016
Rod Barton, London, United Kingdom, 2015
Running Fence, Huset for Kunst og Design, Holstebro, Denmark, 2015
Negating Depressings, Sixty Eight, Copenhagen, Denmark, 2015
At the Crack of Dawn, LARMgalleri, Copenhagen, Denmark, 2015
Sommer Skulptur Søby, Biennale, Søby, Denmark, 2014
Brask Collection, Munkeruphus, Gilleleje, Denmark, 2014
Das Kunstbüro, Artspace, Aarhus, Denmark, 2014
Skovsnogen, Artspace, Kibæk, Denmark, 2013
Sommer Skulptur Søby, Biennale, Søby, Denmark, 2012