Artland Club Behind the Scenes

Get insights into the making of this year's Artland Club artwork by Mathias Malling Mortensen. The artist has created a classic three colour lithography in an edition of 100 exclusively for members of Artland Club. We followed Mathias Malling Mortensen in the process of making the artwork in the lithographic workshop.

The artist and the printmaker work together on the first stone

The printmaker mixes the first colour

The first colour is applied

The artist and the printmaker examine the stone

The artist and the printmaker evaluate the first print

The first colour is approved

The stone gets grinded

The second motive in the making

The second colour gets printed

The third and the last colour get printed

What is a lithography?

Lithography is a printing method which dates back to 1796. The motive is applied directly on the stone with special lithographic ink or brush. For each colour a new grinded stone is required.