Artland Club Price List

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Version 3.0, published 2018-08-09

Artland Club

Artland Club

Note, the prices in the table above are including mandatory Danish VAT when required by the law

Additional charges

  • All incurred cost if the shipment of Art is returned, and needs to be reshipped, due errors done by the customer
  • There could be events that will require additional payments, like entrance fees too Art Fairs, dinning in connection with events and similar. Any additional payments will be clearly stated.
  • If the Agreement is terminated by the Artland Club User before 24 calendar months after entering into the Agreement, Artland will be allowed to charge a termination fee equal to up to 6 times the Monthly Fee.
  • If The Artland Club User fails to pay any invoice/payment within seven calendar days of the due date of payment, Artland may suspend any deliveries until payment is made. Further, Artland may charge the Artland Club User for interest from the due date to the date of payment at the rate of 1½ % per month. This shall be in addition to, and not in limitation of, any other rights or remedies to which Artland are or may be entitled to in accordance with the laws of Denmark.
  • Artland can charge 20€/24USD/150DKK for any reminder sent to the Artland Club User related to late and/or missing payments.
  • Artland can charge 20€/24USD/150DKK for every time Artland need to manually track received payments due to lack of provided information on the transfer (Ref. Payment options).

Non listed Services provided on Time and Material basis:

  • 100€/129USD/749DKK hour + VAT, in-house resources
  • All external cost, reimbursed

Payment options

Artland currently only offer the possibility to pay via bank transfers, but we are working on expanding this and when additional options are ready, they will be published here.

IMPORTANT: remember always to add customer number and invoice ID (if relevant), on the transfer. Otherwise we can’t match the payment. Artland never covers the cost of sending the money, only fees imposed by our bank, related to receiving the money are accepted, nor does Artland accept to cover cost related to returned payments or similar, unless the error has been done by Artland.


Account holder: Artland ApS


IBAN: DE93700111106050787387


Account holder: Artland ApS

Wire Routing Number: 026073008

Account number: 8310049171

ACH Routing Number: 026073150


Local Danish payments

Account holder: Artland ApS

Reg. nr. 0899

Account number: 0001027077

International payments

Account holder: Artland ApS


IBAN: DK1508990001027077


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