Artland creates unique digital opportunities for galleries and art lovers, bringing exhibitions worldwide with innovative 3D recordings.

Paris — May, 2019 Artland, the world’s leading community platform dedicated to connecting art lovers and galleries worldwide, announces a partnership with Paris Gallery Weekend in Paris. The partnership with the Paris Gallery Weekend marks Artland’s official foray into the Paris art scene, bringing their innovative community platform for contemporary art to one of the premier art cities in Europe.

Based in Copenhagen, Denmark, Artland’s revolutionary tools have been enhancing galleries’ digital reach across Europe since 2016 — in New York, London, Berlin, Milan, Brussels and Scandinavia — connecting art lovers and experienced collectors to each other as well as to galleries worldwide through its unique social marketplace. Artland’s goal is to be the world’s biggest community for art lovers, thereby creating more accessibility and transparency in the art market.

Mattis Curth, CEO and Co-founder of Artland says, “Artland is bringing the art world into the 21st century, unlocking new potential in how art lovers can explore and enjoy galleries exhibitions and art fairs. We want to make it possible for people to enter the art market with lowered barriers for all. We are thrilled to partner with Paris Gallery Weekend and plan to announce partnerships with many Paris galleries over the coming months.”

How Artland Works

Artland provides a unique online space for art lovers and galleries to connect, creating a digital environment where they can interact in numerous ways on its website and app, with tools and features designed specifically for each group. Significantly, users gain access to a world of art beyond the limitations of location, tailored to their needs, interests and preferences — as well as the ability to communicate with other collectors and message galleries.

As well-known Belgian collector Alain Servais said, “Artland offers useful tools to the art lover in a central place, creating a bridge between information and community building.”

Through Artland, galleries can access versatile digital tools to optimally communicate their mission and content. Not only can they create profiles and upload artworks for sale, but also communicate with a global community and archive their exhibitions permanently with Artland 3D to attract more buyers. The ability to embed these 3D recordings also enables galleries to maximise the marketing and documentary possibilities through their own websites, newsletters and other digital materials.

Art lovers and collectors can choose to use the app as a collection management tool or as a means of sharing publicly with peers.

More than 50,000 art lovers worldwide currently use Artland to access works and exhibitions in 3D from over 250 galleries, including Lévy Gorvy, Lehmann Maupin, Max Hetzler, Michael Werner, Sprüth Magers, Rodolphe Janssen, Alexander Levy, Josh Lilley, Independent Brussels to mention a few.

On the potential of 3D recordings to change the art world, Camila McHugh of Berlin’s Contemporary Fine Arts says, “I am fascinated by the way a virtual gallery such as the one offered by Artland has potential for expanding global access to art. The best exhibitions depend on the way all the works interact with each other within a specific space, and Artland can get you a bit closer to this.”

Paris Gallery Weekend

Paris Gallery Weekend and Artland will work closely with Paris galleries to optimize all aspects of the art weekend, providing more opportunities for the collectors, sponsors and partners to experience the exhibitions live online, and create a compelling digital archive.

Project Director for Paris Gallery Weekend, Marie Delas: “3D views of the gallery shows offered par Artland allow collectors and art lovers to preview Paris Gallery Weekend, enjoy it from afar and keep it living online past the event; it is for us a necessary record to the beautiful exhibitions set up by the gallerists”

All Paris Gallery Weekends galleries available in 3D at here.

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About Artland

Artland was founded in 2016 by Danish brothers Mattis and Jeppe Curth. Artland offers an opportunity for art collectors to create a database of their collections and a community where users can interact with other collectors and galleries with unique tools and features. Artland is a place for art lovers to explore, showcasing the most inspiring young collectors to the world, while also enabling online conversation over shared passions. Artland has raised around 2 million dollars and their impressive list of investors includes one of the world’s most famous handball players, Mikkel Hansen; Olympic dressage champion Andreas Helgstrand; musician and songwriter Shaka Loveless; Airhelp founder Nicolas Michaelsen; and early investor in Airhelp Poul Oddershede as well as art curator Jens-Peter Brask and other early-stage seed investors.