“As long as you as an artist feel that you’re developing and you always stay true to what you want to do at the time, you shouldn’t be too concerned if other people are entertained by your progress”

At Artland we get to speak with some of the most inspiring artists, collectors, and galleries around the world. Artland Visits series brings you behind the scene and show you the art world from our perspective.


Watch our inspiring studio visit with the Danish visual artist, sharing his thoughts, explaining where the inspiration for his work comes from, personal approach to art and the importance of it today.

About the artist

Eske Kath’s large-scale acrylic and gesso paintings and mixed-media sculptures depict catastrophic events and point to the frailty of the human civilization. Invoking humankind through the symbol of the house—a stand-in for the urge toward permanence and security in the face of unstable environments—Kath portrays surreal, brightly colored landscapes in which homes are tossed about by the forces of nature. Kath has also produced sculptures in which light radiates from within wood and plastic houses, as well as collaborative animated visuals and stage designs for the Danish singer Oh Land.

(text via artsy)