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Title | Untitled, 2010

Media | Oil on canvas

Dimensions | 73 cm – 60 cm (28.74 in – 23.62 in)

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Ditte Ejlerskov (born 1982) is a Danish contemporary artist. She was born, lives and works in Denmark. 

Parts of Ejlerskovs artistic process consist of interaction with the Internet. Everything from written correspondence with email-scammers, paparazzi photographs downloaded from Google and contemporary music videos are brought into Ejlerskovs universe. With simultaneous disdain and fascination, Ejlerskov started to use Rihanna as a motif in her work. A few years ago Ejlerskov was drawn to Barbados, Rihanna’s home country, after an email correspondence with an Internet scammer. The scammer and Ejlerskov exchanged a series of emails, all of which was turned into a book and a film before she again started to focus on the painting. Ejlerskov’s work investigate thematic and perceptual experiences pertaining to her generation, but also with references to post-colonial and post-feminist ideas. A large part of her work deals with contemporary pop-culture, where the purpose is to draw attention to what is happening in the intermediate positions, between the private and public space.

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