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Every day collectors at Artland share variety of artworks from around the world, both from their personal collections as well as pieces they’ve seen in a recent gallery opening or got inspired by on the web.

In this feature, we will be presenting you with the highlight of the day, the most interesting, inspiring or moving piece of art posted in the app in the last days together with name of the collector who shared it.

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About the artist

Born 1988, in Redding, CT, USA. Lives and works in New York, NY, USA. He attended the BFA School of Visual Arts New York. The American artist Grear Patterson is renowned for his arrangements of custom-made image carriers works in which he establishes connections with art history as well as with his own specific living environment. He became known for his “Duck Test”-series, canvasses organized to resemble smileys, their trendy lightness connoting a carefree attitude to life, while simultaneously referring to the icons of digital communication. His first sunsets were inspired by Hollywood movies, the sun’s immersion in the horizon mostly took place within a 16:9 or 4:3 format. The new works pick up on the form of the setting sun through the shape of the image carrier. The combination of the different colors on the raw canvas evokes spatial depth and conjures up sporadic associations with rainbows or figments of imagination.

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