New tracks are constantly taking form in the Danish artistic landscape, some of which are being documented in the recently published book series, TRACKS. Publisher, editor-in-chief and curator, Marie Nipper, explains the thoughts and motivation behind the book project, which gives the floor to young, Danish artists on the brink of greatness. The journey begins with TRACKS 1, featuring Asger Dybvad Larsen. Get ready to step on board and follow new inspiring tracks.

  • Published by: Roulette Russe
  • Idea and concept: Marie Nipper
  • Editors: Marie Nipper, Victoria Maria Christiansen & Helene Gamst
  • Released in: Danish and in English
  • Price: 100 kr.
  • Sold at:

What is the motivation behind publishing a book series about upcoming Danish artists?
TRACKS is a book series published by the small, newly established publishing company Roulette Russe. In each book we pass the word to a young Danish artist. Our motivation is driven by the opportunity to make a platform for young artists to reflect and elaborate on their practise. We want to turn the attention to some of the new artists making their entrance onto the Danish and international art scene. It is our aim to get the artists talking about their practice, their thoughts on working as an artist and their work routines. Instead of a traditional art historical analysis of the works, we encourage the artists themselves to formulate what motivates and inspire them and how they reflect upon their own work.

How did you choose the artists to be represented in the book series?
We have chosen artists who are working in different media. We have done this to show the diversity that we think the art scene in Denmark contains at the moment. In addition, they are all artists that we think have an interesting practice and personal approach to their work.

TRACKS book danish artists

Are the chosen artists related somehow besides being young and emerging Danish artists?
The choice of artists has been made from a wish to present artists that at an early stage in their career already have established a distinct and personal practise, which hasn’t yet been communicated to a wide audience. Other than that, it is perhaps more a matter of how they differ than how they connect, that interest us. What the artists share is more of a situation, than a common (artistic) denominator. They find themselves on the brink of their career but aren’t household names to the museums or the broader art audience yet.

What are your thoughts about the title TRACKS?
The title of the book series TRACKS, in Danish: SPOR, contains several meanings. We wanted to underline a connection between the books as part of a series that investigates the tracks laid out by younger Danish artists. TRACKS can also be understood as footprints documenting how the artists leave their personal marks on the artistic landscape. The books are a documentation of what is going on in the practise and mind of emerging artists, and the title is therefore also referring to the things that are going on right now in the contemporary Danish art scene. TRACKS refers to the intention of having the artists themselves describe the journey that they are on, how they are in transit from being an art student to becoming an established artist and how they develop their work by moving from project to project, from one work to the next.

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Do you want each book to stand on its own or are you planning to build a body of work with connections between each book?
Each book stands as an individual interview and book. However, being conceptualized as a series where each book share common features such as concept and the format of the book, we are of course seeking to make each book part of a whole. Preferably a whole that collectively gives the readers an idea of the many different ways artists are working right now. The conversation varies from artist to artist as we keep it open and a bit unplanned, letting unexpected subjects and reflections occur. It is our ambition to let the artist direct and influence the progression of the interview.

Which aspect is given more attention, the text or the photos?
The series is about conversation and about giving the artists a chance to present their work. That is our main goal. However, to fully understand their practice we want to add as many images as possible, also to show the development and progress of the artists. It’s actually very courageous of the artists since they are not equally happy with all of their work, and for some the early pieces stand as something they have now put past them. We hope that the text and images accompany each other so the artistic practice and the conversation is presented in the best possible way.

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Can you unveil the names of the artists who will be featured in the book series?
TRACKS 1 features Asger Dybvad Larsen, and his constant examination of the media of painting and its materiality. His work is in a constant dialogue with art history, especially the post-war minimalistic and conceptual strategies, and he addresses and reinterprets the traditional materials of the painting: canvas, pigment, and strecthers. As for the rest of the artists presented in the series, we want to maintain the suspense just a little longer…


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