About the Artland x dsl collection collaboration

Artland is please to announce a recurring media collaboration with dslcollection. Each month Artland will publish an exclusive column by dslcollection principal Sylvain Levy, where he looks at some of the manifold issues affecting the art industry and the perspectives of the various protagonists within it.

Founded in 2005 with his wife Dominique, the dslcollection promotes the discovery and study of Chinese contemporary artistic production. The collection itself is premised solely on the collection of Chinese contemporary art numbering some 350 works in total, and, more specifically, monumentally scaled, museological works that transcend the display possibilities of a domestic interior. The dslcollection has become a consuming family concern, with the growth, evolution, management and mission of the collection now also involving their daughter, Karen. One of the collection’s key objectives has been the exploration of new medias as a means of sharing the collection. Essentially embracing the mission of a museum without a physical premises, dslcollection has been a pioneer in championing and exploring the possibilities of virtual reality, electronic publishing and other innovative technologies in order to foster greater visibility and to provide the widest possible means of sharing.

Sylvain’s dslcollection column takes a thoughtful, sometimes provocative, but always insightful position to consider the ramifications of many of these innovations for today’s art world.

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