Five Famous Painting Politicians

by Jo Morten Weider

Although they are best known as political figures, having forever changed our world, these five politicians also tried their hands at art. To this day, their political legacy cast shadow or light on the world. What goes for their artworks – judge yourself.

George W. Bush
The world first learned that George W. Bush had taken up painting in February 2013 after a hacker broke into his sister Dorothy’s email account and discovered two self-portraits of the former U.S. president in the shower and bathtub. Since then, his hobby has turned into something of a career.

Adolf Hitler
Do you think the world today would have looked any different if Hitler had been accepted into the Vienna academy of fine arts in 1908?

Francisco Franco
The Spanish fascist dictator used painting as a way to unwind.

Jimmy Carter
American historian and social critic Noam Chomsky Carter said Carter “was the least violent of American presidents, but he did things which I think would certainly fall under Nuremberg provisions (in nazi Germany).”

Winston Churchill
To mention Churchill, the politician, alongside Hitler and Franco is probably unfair. But as far as painting skills go he is definitely up there!

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