Interview: Art Collector Joachim Amundsen Trana

Artist: Andre Tehrani. Photo: Artland

The Oslo-based art collector Joachim Amundsen Trana enjoys seeing the world through the spectrum of art. Be it on hectic or slow days, great or challenging, art has become a safe haven, which allows his imagination to flow freely. Trana gradually builds his collection, adding more layers to his imagination to brighten up his days, whatever way they unfold.

Name: Joachim Amundsen Trana
Location: Oslo, Norway
Started collecting in year: 2015
Number of artworks in collection: 13

What is your earliest memory of art, and what led you to start collecting it?
My earliest memory of art is a huge painting by Knut, a friend of my father. The painting portrays my mother and father in a north Norwegian scenery with the midnight sun. The painting made a deep impact on me as a youngster.

What is the main motivation behind your collecting?
To surround myself with artworks that I can enjoy on hectic days, slow days, nice days and less nice days. To make me take the time to do ‘nothing‘ and just let my imagination flow freely. 

Describe your collection in three words.
Cheerful, abstract, and surreal.

Artist: Jon Benjamin Tallerås. Photo: Artland

Is there any particular type of art that appeals to you or anything that unites all the works in your collection?
Abstract art, but also symmetry and ‘tight’ forms.

What is the most recent piece of art you added to your collection and why?
“Modern Design” – a sculpture by artist Marius Engh. 

Has digitalization changed the way you collect art?
It has made art more available, so yes.

Artists: Elna Hagemann, Are Mokkelbost. Photo: Artland

What or who has influenced you as a collector?
Attending ‘Oslo Open‘ in 2015 really made me aware of all the excellent artists in Oslo.

Is there any specific place you always return to when you need an art fix?
I try to attend ‘Oslo Open‘ every year, and subscribe to newsletters by some of the galleries in Oslo, but I also look around on Instagram, Artland App, and the internet in general to get my ‘daily fix’.

The art market has a reputation of being a playground for the elite. What is your experience of this?
I suppose it still is, but it seems that people are more willing to spend money on sustainable things, such as artworks. The digitalization has probably inspired new collectors and brought galleries more immediately to collectors via their smartphones/tablets.  

Where do you think the future of the art market is headed?
I think that more small independent galleries will be established, and that they will be connected to the world through social media platforms etc.

Artist: Martin Skauen. Photo: Artland

Top three pieces of advice for new collectors
1. Attend Oslo Open (if you are in Oslo)
2. Browse the internet; look up local and international galleries.
3. Start saving up for an ‘art account‘

Top three art destinations
1. Oslo Open – March/April open gallery event in Oslo
2. Standard
3. Melk

Three inspiring artists to watch
Difficult choice and frequently changing …

1. Endre Aalrust
2. Martin Skauen
3. Marius Engh