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Interview with gallery owner Anne Riber

Being an art collector is not just for the few. This is the principle of Format Artspace, a gallery and art shop right in the center of Copenhagen, aiming to produce works of high artistic quality within an affordable price range. We had a talk with gallery owner Anne Riber, who seeks to welcome young, first-time buyers into her gallery, thus opening a crack for new art lovers into the inspiring world of art.

Name: Format Artspace
Opening year: 2013
Number of artists: 52
Upcoming exhibitions: Cecilie Enevold Nielsen: Stereo Mirrors (18.08 – 30.09)
Art fairs: Code

Gallery owner Anne Riber in Format Artspace
Gallery owner Anne Riber in Format Artspace

How would you describe the program of your gallery?
Format Artspace is a gallery and art shop based in the center of Copenhagen. We are dedicated to works in editions that experiment with media and materials – including original graphics, 3D printed sculptures, video, animation, comics etc. We aim to produce works that are of high artistic quality, but within an affordable price range. Format Artspace’s principle is that being an art collector is not only reserved for a small closed circle of connoisseurs. We change our exhibitions every six weeks.

Where and how do you find your artists?
Some people come in from the street, but mainly I find them through networking, recommendations, and research. My previous work in the art world has strengthened my network over the years, which I have been able to utilize at the gallery.

Format Artspace
Format Artspace.

Are the artists somehow related in their artistic practices or have anything in common?
The common denominator is the paper material and the graphic printing technique. Also, most of them are Danish and from the art academies.

Who is your main audience, primarily local or international collectors?
We try to reach out to mainly young, first-time buyers.

Format Artspace
Format Artspace.
Format Artspace
Format Artspace

What role do the art fairs play for you as a gallerist?
Since our main audience is not hardcore art collectors, the art fair guests are not necessarily our primary target group. However, it’s a great place to create awareness about the gallery – and to network and meet both artist and collectors and make new gallery friends.

What or who has influenced you as a gallerist?
I often visited a gallery in Williamsburg NY, called Cinders Gallery, when I lived there. Their focus is the paper media and the price range was affordable. They were really good at getting the local  audience involved, and the atmosphere was laid-back and unpretentious. The people there were really kind and welcoming, and I could stay in that gallery for hours on end.

Format Artspace

About Format Artspace
Address: Nansensgade 35, 1366 Copenhagen K
Contact:, +45 40 89 42 24
Opening hours: Wed-Fri: 12-17, Sat: 11-15
Website: Format Artspace