A Conversation With The Founders Behind The Art Salon

One year ago, a new experimental initiative saw the light of day, adding a fresh layer to the contemporary Copenhagen art scene. Titled “The Art Salon”, the concept is based on a vision to create exhibitions in private homes, putting works by a selection of artists for sale, while creating an interplay with the intimate space for a limited period of time. In the form of a nomadic pop-up exhibition, the Art Salon changes its name accordingly to the location where it takes place. This fall, on Friday 23 November from 4-7 pm, the Østerbro Salon will open its doors to the citizens of Copenhagen, offering a peek into the home of Katrine Emme Thielke for a weekend.

We had a talk with the two founders of the Art Salon, Anne Dubois Aarsland, visual artist and cand. mag in Art History and Visual Culture and Mette Helena Rasmussen, Master of Fine Arts from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts. Here, they give insights into the vision to create a personal experience, where the private space and original artworks melt together.

What is the vision behind the Art Salon?
Our vision is to show contemporary art in private Danish homes in a curious and openminded way. We are exploring what happens when a large curated collection of contemporary art is exhibited in the private sphere of a home. How does the art effect the experience of the personal space? What is it like for the visitor to visit a private home to experience art? And what is it like for the hosts to have strangers visiting their homes? Our wish is to create dynamic pop-up exhibitions that interact with the intimate space and involve our hosts and the homes we exhibit in.

What can visitors expect?
Visitors can expect great artworks by established and upcoming artists – the Østerbro Salon edition is installed in the private home of Katrine Emme Thielke. Katrine lives in a light apartment on the fifth floor in Classensgade, and the artworks are installed in every room – in her bedroom, in the living room, in dialogue with her book shelves and next to her oil sortiment in the kitchen. The exhibited works are for sale, and we celebrate one year anniversary with a room where all works are priced 2.000 DKK each.

What characterizes the artists you have chosen for this Salon?
A lot of the artist are established and have careers, but we also pick upcoming talents for our exhibitions. All artists are contemporary visual artists experimenting with materials, color and form.

Participating artists:
Laura Faurschou, Rose Eken, Arne-Marius Skogås, Henrik Godsk, Evren Tekinoktay, Cathrine Raben Davidsen, Souvanni Asmussen, Sanne Ransby, Lars Worm, Peter Johansen, Victor Ash, Simon Ganshorn, René Holm, Miriam Nielsen, Sofie Klerk, Mie Olise, Maria Wandel, Anne- Sophie Øgaard, Sofie Pihl, Carsten Crone Caroc, Lotte Maja Bjerre, Line Busch, Sarah Schönbeck, Nadia Plesner, Kirsa Andreasen, Birgit Stigelau, Ida Kwetny, Mette Helena Rasmussen, Anne Aarsland, Josefine Winding, Anna Samsøe, Nicholas Imms, Faranak Sohi, Anders Scrmn Meisner, Gudrun Hasle and Meyer Lavigne.

Address: Classensgade 61, 5 tv, 2100 Copenhagen

Friday 23 November 4-7 pm
Saturday 24 November 11-16 pm
Sunday 25 November 11-15 pm

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