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Johan Peter Jønsson,

“Every Body is”

37°N Gallery & Atelier

24 May - 05 July 2019

Stockholmsgade 13,

2100 Copenhagen

Johan Peter Jønsson, photograph, Dora from exhibition Every Body is

37° Gallery presents a collection of Johan Peter Jønsson’s photographic work that allude to the human nature, especially the inherent vulnerabilities of being human. The exhibition offers a glimpse into different moments of vulnerability that people can be exposed to under different scopes such as gender, masculinity, grief, and the simple essence of being.

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All of the subjects portrayed in Johan’s images are carefully chosen. They all reflect strong personalities; some with complex stories, others more conventional, but all are incredibly vivid in their vulnerability.

Johan Peter Jønsson, “Every Body is”

In the exhibition Every Body is, the artist Johan P. Jønsson presents different projects developed throughout his artistic career. He uses photography as a magnifying glass through which he sees the world, and captures what it feels to be a human being. His images tend to revolve around the portrait, where he creates a bond between himself and the person in front of the camera.

Johan Peter Jønsson, “Every Body is”

These projects, as different as they might seem, are bound together by their main focus: they represent the artist’s yearning to establish a human connection between him and the subject. In this creative process, he seeks to understand and capture the vulnerability of being human but also the acceptance of one’s true self. His images often show the moment just before or just after the seized act. What is captivating about Johan’s portraits is how he breaks the transparent membrane that envelops all humans and keeps us from the outside, with secrets hidden deep within. He dashes through it, and captures it in its raw reality.

Johan Peter Jønsson, “Every Body is”

Johan Peter creates an intimate bond between himself and his subjects by empowering the people that are about to be immortalized in his images. As a result, he captures the dénouement of the event, the anticipation or trace of the event in the mind and the faces of the people in question. This complexity is emphasized in Johan Peter’s work, an image we do not see often is the image of a true vulnerable situation, captured by a photographer who in return empowers the person in their imagery.

Johan Peter Jønsson, “Every Body is”

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