Moments in time

Interview with collector Rob Westerholm

Each artwork in Rob Westerholm’s art collection reflects the contemporary moment and human condition it exists within. As he changes, his collection changes and evolves, manifesting new moments in time. For the New York-based art collector, the truly great pieces of art continue to linger and grow stronger over time. Essentially, it comes down to two things; happiness and fulfillment.

Name: Rob Westerholm
Location: New York, NY
Started collecting in year: 2009
Number of artworks in collection: 35
Name of collection: The Westerholm Collection
Instagram: @robwesterholm

How did you become an art collector?
This was something that evolved very organically and began a number of years before I purchased my first original artwork. I did not grow up with art and didn’t really begin to form a lasting interest in it until I moved to London in between college and graduate school in 2003. It was during this time that I was able to experience art on a fairly regular basis while visiting the public museums and stumbling upon a myriad of street art throughout the city. As a direct result of these experiences, I purchased a number of limited edition prints during my graduate school years in Chicago that reminded me of the artwork that I had seen in London. During this time, my interest in art…

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