Jens-Peter Brask

Name: Jens-Peter Brask
Location: Copenhagen, Denmark
Profession: Curator, collector and publisher
Main interests: American and Scandinavian contemporary, emerging art, street art and graffiti

About Jens-Peter Brask
Jens-Peter Brask’s world revolves around art, both in his public and in his private life. With a collection comprising of 1000+ works, Jens-Peter Brask is one of the most prolific art collectors in Scandinavia. His collection includes significant Scandinavian and American artists – from established names like Eddie Martinez, Banksy, Anselm Reyle, Julian Schnabel, Olafur Eliasson, Banks Violette, Tal R, Michael Kvium, and Wes Lang to younger upcoming artists with a huge potential like Dan Schein, Robert Davis and, Morten Knudsen.

As a result of his vivid exploration of the art scene, spending a great deal of his time visiting artists and documenting their works with his camera, Brask has published two books – Brask Studio Visits and Brask Studio Visits II – which provide a unique insight into a number of artists’ studios, showcasing the process of creation from the individual artists, among others Alexander Tovborg, Chapman Brothers, Dr. Lakra, and James Turrell.

Alongside touring the art scene, spotting new talent, Jens-Peter Brask also works as an art advisor and curator, having put a mark on a range of exhibitions in Denmark, including Danish Graffiti 1984 – 2013 at KUNSTEN Museum of Modern Art Aalborg and Linjen at Heerup Museum as well as having a selection of his collection publicly on display in the exhibition ET BRASK SPARK at Munkeruphus.

“Art never ceases to disappoint me. It takes me off the beaten path and allows my imagination to run wild. BANG!”

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