Sara Lysgaard

Sara Theresa Birn Lysgaard

Name: Sara Theresa Birn Lysgaard
Location: Gentofte, Denmark
Profession: Art collector
Main interests: Art, food, cars and travel

About Sara
Life and art cannot be separated when it comes to Sara Lysgaard’s art collection. It is an ever-evolving testimony to her journey through life – from her early childhood memories to her present day interaction with her diverse collection, which continually feeds her curiosity and opens yet another door into unexplored land.

Sara Lysgaard’s entrance into the world of collecting started when she was around 18 years old. She was with her father at an opening in Silkeborg, Denmark, and fell in love with a piece; she has fallen quite often since.

“I like to surround myself with stunning, alluring, provoking, compelling, and essential things. This goes for all aspects of my life, not only when I collect art. It is not so much a motivation that drives me, to me it seems as if I landed on a big rollercoaster, and once you are ‘on’ there is no stopping or going back”.
Sara Lysgaard

Step onboard Sara Lysgaard’s rollercoaster – from the local art scene in Copenhagen to the biggest art fairs in the world.

Articles by Sara Lysgaard

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