Sara Staunsager

Name: Sara Staunsager
Profession: Curator & Head of Collection, Trapholt – Museum of Modern Art & Design
Location: Aarhus, Denmark
Main interest: Design and contemporary art

About Sara Staunsager
Five years of experience from her time in an art centre, -gallery and -museum has placed Sara Staunsager at the beginning of the career path that she has always dreamt of: right in the middle of the field of art and design. It has taken independence and determination to combine and apply her keen interest in the nexus between art and design within a professional exhibition context. At present, she is Head of Collection at Trapholt – Museum of Modern Art & Design, which collects, researches, and exhibits in the crossover between art and design, breaking with traditional aesthetical interfaces.

”A consequence of comparing art and design is that one often ends up cockeyed. Rather, you should embrace the potential of new creative expressions and functional artistic creations when they unite”
Sara Staunsager

Articles by Sara Staunsager

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