The Art of Being Curious

How to find your own way into the art world and make something meaningful out of it.

By Peter Birch

For a lot of people, the art world seems to be a hermetically sealed society. Aren’t art fairs only for a specific selection of VIPs sipping champagne in the white cube? What is an art fair in the first place? What is Cubism? And am I allowed to cross the threshold to a gallery? Or rather, do I dare to?  The truth is that the art world also includes you… if you simply dare to cross its borders. I know how you feel, I have been there too.

A great bunch of people associate art with high-cultural decadence. An elitist and perhaps even frightening world that is not a fit for ‘everyone’.  The less you know, the bigger the doorstep seems to be. The fact that many people tend to think they are not welcome, makes them stay at home even though a trip to the nearby gallery or museum could bring a lot of new knowledge or just a pleasant experience to bring with you back home.

Really, art is not always about knowing anything or understanding gist of it. That is the beauty of art. You can make your own interpretation and find your own meaningful way to enjoy and use art.

Peter Birch

For me, it did not start that long ago. I have always been wondering about the art world. How can I enter without stumbling in?  In an odd way, I have always enjoyed going to museums for reasons unknown. I am by no means an art expert. I do not know how to interpret a painting ‘the right way’, at least not when I started going to museums and galleries. I just went because I was curious as hell, and I still go because of my curiosity. Suddenly, out of what seems to be nowhere it all started to make sense for me, in my own peculiar way. Now I know what I prefer and I know how to enjoy art in my own meaningful way of interpretation. That is why I invite you, dear reader, to go on and find your own way in. Maybe you will experience the same as me.

The Art of Being Curious, Peter Birch

Curiosity is the key
If you want to discover art, galleries, museums or any other art exhibitions, you don’t have to rely on a pile of books, an art professor, a long education, or anything else, as long as you just bring an open mind and your curiosity. That is the best way to go down unknown paths and the most ideal way to make your own interpretation of this complex, mysterious world of art. Sometimes it might be an advantage showing up knowing nothing, because that will maybe make you see and discover new ways of interpretation that no art scholar would ever bring to the table.

My advice? Do not be afraid and allow yourself to jump into unknown land. No one will bite you for not knowing anything at a museum or a gallery and really, there is no need to pretend. As long as you stay curious and open-minded, you can enjoy art in a way might lead to the beginning of a lifelong love affair.

About Peter Birch
Driven by a curious mind, 27-year-old historian Peter Birch is constantly looking for new adventures in his city Copenhagen. As an avid explorer, he seeks out every nook and cranny in the world of art. He is no expert in the field, but he is an expert in asking questions and challenging the predominant opinions. Follow in Peter’s footsteps and discover the art world through new eyes.


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