Can you tell the difference between famous readymades and actual everyday objects? Take the quiz on readymades!

There’s a scene in “Sex and the City” where Charlotte goes all groupie gaga when she notices a famous actor swagger into her gallery. She quickly gets off the phone, ditches her eyeglasses, and rushes over to where he’s examining the fire extinguisher as though it’s a rare work of art. He asks her how much it is, so she gently informs him that it’s an actual fire extinguisher in case the gallery goes up in flames. Charlotte giggles and then jokes that he’s welcome to take the extinguisher and tell people it’s a Jeff Koons.

Readymade art consists of everyday objects selected and designated as art. The term “readymade” was invented by Marcel Duchamp to describe his own art. In 1917 in New York, Duchamp made his most notorious readymade, “Fountain”, a men’s urinal signed by the artist with a false name and exhibited placed on its back. Later readymades were more elaborate and the term has since been applied more generally to artworks made from manufactured objects.

We have collected 10 artists and 10 readymade artworks, and mixed them with actual everyday objects. Are you able to tell the difference?

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