Top 5 Art Gifts for Christmas 2017

As the holidays are rapidly moving closer, it is time to think about how to show that special art collector, what you think of them. We asked the inner circle of the Artland community, collectors Claus Busch Risvig and Enrico Centonze, what would be at the top of their list this year. So take note and get inspiration from these top 5 Christmas gift suggestions.

1 – A giftcard for a framing service

Art Gifts for Christmas

ENRICO: “I have quite a few unframed pieces at home which I have not had the chance to get framed yet. So this would definitely be a welcoming gift.”

2 – A Poor Collector’s Guide to Buying Great Art

Art Gifts for Christmas 2017

CLAUS: “It is one of the best books I could read as a starting collector, unfortunately I misplaced my copy a while back and it’s missing on my book shelves. And also it’s hard to recommend a book to anyone when you don’t have your copy ready to show.”

Get it here.

3 – A Wilhelm Klotzek edition from Galerie Tobias Naehring

Art Gifts for Christmas 2017

ENRICO: “I have had my eyes of Wilhelm Klotzek’s work for some time now and the limited editions from Galerie Tobias Neahring are really stunning. It is a perfect gift for the seasoned as well as the budding art collector.”

Get it here.

4 – Hardgraft Back2Back Bag

Art Gifts for Christmas 2017

CLAUS: “I have been on the lookout for a sturdy bag, which can contain all essentials when traveling, and especially when going to art fairs where you often gets handed a lot of printed material. One bag that fulfils all this and looks great as well is the Back2Back bag from Austrian leather goods company Hardgraft. This will be useful for anyone doing a lot of traveling and needs to keep things close.”

5 – A guided tour of Berlin’s Galleries with Niche

Art Gifts for Christmas 2017

ENRICO: “Niche Berlin offers a great experience where you get to go on curated tours of Berlin’s galleries among friends or groups of other interested people. It is something I think every art collector would enjoy and benefit from.”

Book your tour here.