10 Inspiring US Art Collectors to Follow

Collecting art is a personal journey which each collector navigates differently. However, these 10 collectors have one thing in common: the joy of sharing the fruits of their journey with likeminded. Get to know each inspiring American art collector.

Carole Server

Art collector and former Wall Street Executive Carole Server and her husband Oliver Frankel are champions for emerging and contemporary arts in New York and abroad. Apart from sharing her art adventures on Instagram, Carole serves on the board of the Bronx Museum of Art and is a member of the Director’s Council of the Whitney Museum of American Art, Director’s Circle of MOMA PS1 and the Producer Council of the New Museum of Contemporary Art.

Susan Hort

Susan Hort and her husband Michael Hort have been art collectors for more than 30 years. They focus on collecting in depth and support young artists, often by buying early in their career and amassing at least five pieces by any given artist. 

Gary Yeh

After visiting an Yves Klein retrospective at the Hirshhorn Museum in Washington, D.C, Gary Yeh developed an interest in contemporary art and has since then engaged more directly with the art community, not least by collecting art, which has become a personal diary to him. He currently manages ArtDrunk, an Instagram account with over 30k followers. He graduated from Duke University with a degree in art history and economics and served as a co-chair on the student advisory board of the Nasher Museum of Art.

Daniel Kutz (Fashen)

“When I see something I like, I take it all in at once: information on the artist, their inspirations and practices, everything – I want it all.” Words by DJ, producer, and American art collector Daniel Kutz in an interview with Larry’s List. So, what does he like, you might ask yourself? Check out his Instagram account and get a refreshing dose of art, music and dogs.

Lance Renner

California-based American art collector Lance Renner’s (Instagram) world revolves around art. From the world’s biggest art exhibitions and the intimacy of a studio visit to large scale public works and a newly acquired piece within the walls of his home.

Jacky Aizenman

A quick look at Puerto Rico-based real estate investor and collector Jacky Aizenman’s Instagram feed reveals a glowing passion and a keen eye for art. His enthusiasm for sharing glimpses from every corner of the art world, makes Mr. Aizenman one to follow.

Rob Westerholm

For New York-based art collector Rob Westerholm, his Instagram feed is a visual art diary of the truly great pieces of art that continue to linger and grow stronger over time. For him, it essentially comes down to two things; happiness and fulfillment. Check out his profile, there’s a good chance that it might impact the levels of serotonin in your body.

Tina Ruggieri / Scott Miller
3,730 / 5.854 followers
@teenith / @scaatchi

Be it painting or sculpture, minimal or figurative, art collectors Tina Ruggieri and Scott Miller always seek artworks that challenge their perception and initiate dialogue – not only between the two of them, but also between their pieces, the past and the present, and the world around them. Enter the dialogue by following them on Instagram.

Alberto Chehebar

Los Angeles-based collector Alberto Chehebar began collecting art in the early 1990s. Not only does his Instagram profile reveal his passion for art, it also shows his talent for capturing it in photos. In his own words, “I always wanted to photograph, and I always liked to photograph spaces that had art in them. I actually think I was one of the first persons that started photographing such spaces and directly putting it on Instagram. The application became my way to express myself.” That alone is reason enough to check out his profile. 

Niels Kantor

An inspiring curated flow of artworks, always posted in three, is a characteristic of art collector and dealer Niels Kantor’s Instagram profile. The Los Angeles native, son of Paul Kantor, who was part of the early 1960’s Los Angeles contemporary art scene, has become one of the premier contemporary and modern fine art dealers on the West Coast and an extremely influential American art collector on Instagram.