Artland Magazine Special Edition

A special edition of the Artland Magazine featuring interviews with 14 Dutch contemporary art collectors.

Antoine de Werd

Since collector and lawyer Antoine de Werd started collecting art almost thirty years ago, not a day has passed without some kind of involvement in art. For him, to live and work between art is simply a necessity. This passionate commitment is clearly reflected in his collection that fills every nook and cranny of his home.

Cyril van Sterkenburg

As a director of the Amsterdam-based creative agency Vandejong, chairwoman of Stichting Art Projects and art collector, Cyril van Sterkenburg is surrounded by creativity 24 hours a day. For this day and night creative, the future of art is bright. She rmly believes that art has the potential to solve big challenges and that the online market is a gateway for more and more people to understand and appreciate art.

Edwin Oostmeijer

It was not until 2016 that project developer Edwin Oostmeijer got into art collecting ‘by accident’. Since then, he has not looked back; rather, he has embraced the art world with the mind of a child; playful, curious and open-minded. For Edwin, the art world is his Neverland, a vital source of inspiration and playfulness.

Eva Krook & Peter van Duinen

As an art historian and founding partner of The Vrije Academie in Amsterdam – an academy dedicated to share the rich subject of art history – Peter van Duinen shares his passion for art on a daily basis. For him, it is one of the most genuine expressions of humanity that sparks curiosity and creativity both visually and intellectually. Together with his wife Eva Krook, he has been collecting art since 1985, which has grown into an eclectic collection of 16th and 17th century prints, contemporary photography, ethnographic art, and modern design.

Ingrid Trijzelaar

According to art collector Ingrid Trijzelaar, the world would look very di erent without art. Not only is it a re ection of the spirit of our time, it also has the power to bring about change. Therefore, she does not just collect art for her own sake; she also seeks to create more awareness through art.

Joan Dik

As an art collector, Joan Dik is motivated by the idea of creating a little piece of history through her collection. A collection that re ects the time in which she lives and her speci c interests, serving as a legacy for her descendants.

Manuela Klerkx

Manuela Klerkx’s love for art started out in her early childhood while listening to the sound of brushes moving on the canvas and smelling the paint from her father’s studio. It turned out to be a lifelong passion both privately and professionally. As of today, Manuela and her husband Oscar van Gelderen have comprised a collection of 500 artworks and are managing Klerkx International Art Management. Their hope is that the future art world will not be separated from the rest of the world, but will be a common focus point in our shared history. Therefore, they have dedicated their lives to support visionary artists who create art with a high level of authenticity and the potential to create a shift in art history.

Menno Pijpers

Menno Pijpers, an art collector and a business development manager at Osudio in Amsterdam, looks for young artists that represent the age he lives in. He closely follows their development and compares it with his own path of life. This has resulted in a confronting, outspoken and real art collection, which, in his own words, is a sort of social experiment lled with passion.

Mette Samkalden

As an art collector, Mette Samkalden is not driven by pure aesthetic pleasure. On the contrary, she is intrigued by works that are thought-provoking, triggering, and emotional. An experience that she hopes more people will get the chance to have, so the art world is for all and not just the lucky few.

Nadine van den Bosch

If an artwork causes friction, it has caught art collector Nadine van den Bosch’s attention. She always trusts her gut feeling and continuously seeks to challenge her perception of art, which keeps developing for every new artwork she adds to her collection. For Nadine, there is nothing more contagious than the enthusiasm of buying art. She hopes that the future of the art world will be a lot more about participation and sharing, so that more and more people will be able to experience the joy of art and, ultimately, collecting it.

Nienke van der Wal

As a collector and founder of Young Collectors Circle – a platform dedicated to help emerging collectors navigate their way around the art world – Nienke van der Wal is helping shape the future of art collecting. Her mission is to make art more accessible through a socially driven approach that fosters dialogue and invites people to share their enthusiasm for art. Her own passion has resulted in a collection that speci cally revolves around works by young, female, contemporary artists.

Nina van Heuveln

Being a daughter of a gallerist made art advisor and collector Nina van Heuveln get an interest in art at an early age. Her curiosity brought her far and wide in the art world and eventually, it became an essential part of her life. For Nina, collecting art is a form of happiness.

Sam van Rooij

When purchasing a new piece of art, Sam van Rooij is driven by a particular feeling that arises in his body and mind. A feeling that hits him hard and lls him with excitement. Then he knows; it is time to add a new work to his collection. This dedicated collector truly believes that there is something to buy for everyone and stress the importance of not being shy to enter a gallery. There is nothing to fear and the reward is huge.

Sara Lang

For Sara Lang, living without art is like living without air or food. She grew up in a family with art and enjoys having it in her life every single day – as a gallerist and as a collector. The passionate, talented minds and stories of artists is a driving force in her life, in which she serves the role as an ambassador of art challenging the existing system for the sake of art and make new stories come to live.