5 Artists to Watch by Rob Westerholm

Each artwork in Rob Westerholm’s art collection reflects the contemporary moment and human condition it exists within. As he changes, his collection changes and evolves, manifesting new moments in time. For the New York-based art collector, the truly great pieces of art continue to linger and grow stronger over time. Essentially, it comes down to two things; happiness and fulfillment. Check out five artists who are currently on his radar.

Name: Rob Westerholm
Location: New York, NY
Started collecting in year: 2009
Number of artworks in collection: 35
Name of collection: The Westerholm Collection
Instagram: @robwesterholm

Melike Kara, 2016.

Melike Kara
Born 1985 in Bensberg, DE. Lives and works in Cologne, DE.

Loie Hollowell
Born 1983 in Woodland, CA, US. Lives and works in New York City, US.

Fabian Treiber, 2017, Resort, 100 x 80 cm.

Fabian Treiber
Born 1986 in Ludwigsburg, DE. Lives and works in Stuttgart, DE.

Matt Hansel

Matt Hansel
Lives and works in Brooklyn, NY, US.

Julie Curtiss
Lives and works in Brooklyn, NY, US.