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About the artist

Built upon the pillars of life drawing, the domestic and repetition, artist Florence Hutchings paints still life’s that depict everyday settings. In fact, her interest in drawing and painting objects doesn’t just come from the things themselves, but also from the spaces between them; “the negative space they create.” Hutchings pushes her subject matters (including shoes, clothes, shops, or cars) to their limit, ending up in works that reflect objects in their most abstracted forms, by repeating them and exploring them in a vast array of settings, compositions, and colours. “I like when people respond to my paintings with questions like “is that a mermaid tail?” or “is that a tent”, Hutchings mentions. The Kentish-born artist deals with depicting something in all the possible ways, but a thorough look at any of her work reveals how intrigued she is with her surroundings. We went to see Florence at her studio, where she made us know her interest in representing what is in front of her.

Florence Hutchings (b. 1996 Kent UK) is undertaking a Painting degree at Slade School of Fine Art. She has exhibited widely in the UK at the Chopping Block Gallery, the Crypt Gallery, Doomed Gallery, and Geddes Gallery. She has been awarded the Lynn Painters Stainers Prize (2016-2019). Florence is currently living and working in London.

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