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Every day collectors at Artland share a variety of artworks from around the world, both from their personal collections as well as pieces they’ve seen in a recent gallery opening or got inspired by on the web.

In this feature, we will be presenting you with the highlight of the day, the most interesting, inspiring or moving piece of art posted in the app in the last days together with name of the collector who shared it.

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About the artist

Harold Ancart is a contemporary Belgian artist known for both his sculptural installations utilizing found objects, drawings, and paintings. Ancart uses versatile media to create a complex experience for the viewer, explaining his working methodology as: “I like to envision exhibits not so much as a succession of objects to be looked at, but as tensions created between the various zones of emptiness.” This style can be seen when looking at Ancart’s work, such as today’s featured pick. Born in 1980 in Brussels, Belgium, the artist went on to receive his Master of Fine Arts from the renowned École Nationale Supérieure des Arts Visuels de La Cambre. Founded in 1927 by Henry van de Velde, it is one of the leading art and design schools in Belgium. Ancart’s more recent exhibitions have utilized organic abstractions of flowers and landscapes, creating a surreal or science fiction thematic that also relates to the work of American Abstract Expressionist Clyfford Still. Ancart has shown with C L E A R I N G gallery and Xavier Hufkins, and lives and works between New York, NY, and Brussels, Belgium.
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