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About the artist

Kaspar Oppen Samuelsens practice includes a variety of media, including largescale papercollages, sculptures, drawings and music soundtracks. In his work every single thing is conjured with what seems to be the inner benefits of a bountiful world. Pantomime, mimicry, the architectural uncanny and ritual flourishes of modern and pre- modern culture are regular components in his work.

His work explores abstraction and figuration in various compositions, organized in arbitrary historical and social contexts. His characters are not fixed to a specific context, because of a curiosity in using cultural history as a kaleidoscope in different studies of the subconscious. But also as a subject to interpretation, injected with layers of guises and disparate elements in a way they challenge each other’s presence.

Imagining that he works with a kind of clockwork geared with various historical styles, be it; pattern formations, animal spirits, futuristic- or pan-Asian references; a clockwork that paradoxically holds all sorts of intervals in one dial, assembled in another, uncertain and impromptu anatomy.



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