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Rafael Vega
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About the artist

The spectre of modernism and the history of abstract art are unquestionably alive in Puerto Rico-born Rafael Vega’s paintings. Within the voids and repeated geometric and linear configurations of his paintings are palpable references to the works of Lucio Fontana, Barnett Newman, Mark Rothko, Frank Stella or, for a more recent example, Tomma Abts. In spite of Vega’s undeniable commitment to abstraction, there is a rejection of all forms of imagery, even abstract imagery, in his untitled paintings. Though his work may harness a distinct formalism and a recurrent concern with how the picture plane offers illusions of simulated depth and evocations of dimensionality, Vega’s work finds its departure point from these historical referents in the form (and content) of its materiality. The visible ‘madeness’ of his paintings is paramount, as is their material playfulness and tactility.

Another decisive factor of the work is Vega’s use of Masonite, a raw, fibrous and brutish steamed wood composite, as the support for his paintings. Far from a passive surface upon which to paint, this flat, indolent material is exploited and made complicit in the painting as it is hacked at, rutted or sawn. On the one hand this reinforces the paintings’ physical, material sense by highlighting their objecthood. On the other it produces an effect, which in Vega’s words occurs as ‘formal transactions within the picture plane’.


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