“Great art doesn’t need to have a hefty price tag, and the Nordic collector is embracing that fact”

Interview: Collector Kasper Mai Jørgensen

Leading up to Code Art Fair 2018, we speak to different players from the Nordic art scene, zooming in on the region and getting insights into their experiences of the zeitgeist characterizing the contemporary Nordic art landscape and more especially the role of Code Art Fair on the brink of its third edition. Here, Danish collector Kasper Mai Jørgensen shares his view on the contemporary Nordic art scene and his hopes for this year’s Code.

Code Art Fair 2017
Code Art Fair 2017. Photo: I DO ART Agency

Name: Kasper Mai Jørgensen
Location: Copenhagen
Occupation: CEO and co-founder – ComplyTo.com
Focus of personal collection: Contemporary, new and emerging artists

The Nordic art scene seems to be thriving these years, increasingly becoming a part of the global art and culture scene. How do you see the creative development currently taking form in the region?
It is very interesting to see how the online possibilities are breaking down the barriers and make art a more accessible global market for all – not only for the very dedicated and established collectors. In turn, this impacts the general outlook in the Nordic regions where the direction of focus is more global than ever before, while still reflecting a particular set of characteristics and references to its Nordic roots.

Code Art Fair 2017. Photo: I DO ART Agency

In your eyes, do you see any defining traits that characterize the ‘Nordic collector’ compared to other collectors from around the world?
I see two different collector types: the collectors looking at new and emerging talent from Denmark, other Nordic regions and the US, but who also seem to turn their interests more towards the German and UK markets. And then you have the collectors centered on more established artists on the local/national art scene. In generel, the fact that art is becoming more accessible help more people to start or expand their collection. A collection can start with a work of art bought for 100 EUR or similar – great art doesn’t need to have a hefty price tag, and the Nordic collector is embracing that fact – usually the collectors who are focusing on new and emerging talent. This also means that a collector does not have to be someone with a lot of spare cash – it simply comes down to a matter of passion.

From your perspective, do you sense an appetite for contemporary art among the younger generation and if so, do you see any differences in the way they approach the art world?
The younger generation is more online than ever before and make use of all the resources available. Especially Instagram has become a platform for the younger generation, collectors and artists to view and explore art, which has significantly internationalized the art scene, as you can explore art from all over the world directly from the phone. And when you get more into collecting, other platforms such as Artland let you explore other private collections – something that were more or less off limits before. The younger generation will not be limited to local galleries, but has a more global look on the art scene and is more open to share their collections with others online, including having a dialogue with other collectors through these platforms.

Code Art Fair 2017. Photo: I DO ART Agency

As the only international art fair in Scandinavia, Code Art Fair displays contemporary art, not from the Nordic region alone, but from around the world. As a collector based in Copenhagen, what is your experience of this fairly new player on the art scene and how would you like to see it contribute to the city’s art scene and the art world at large?
At Code, you are able to get a more international outlook. With the online possibilities it is fairly easy to purchase art from galleries all over the world, and Code gives the opportunity to engage with international galleries as well as touch base with the locals. A possibility to expand your network – and after meeting the galleries in person it is easier to take the plunge and purchase online from those galleries when you see the right piece on Instagram, Artland or other platforms.

Code Art Fair will swing open its doors for the third time August 30 – September 2, 2018. What are some of the events and program highlights of this year’s edition that you are most looking forward to?
I must admit, I haven’t studied the program in details  – I like to just go and explore ☺, but I am looking forward to discovering new exciting young and emerging artists, galleries and new works by the artists that I am following more closely – and hopefully I will make it to one of the talks in the Next Generation series.

Code Art Fair 2017. Photo: I DO ART Agency

About Code Art Fair
The third edition of the ambitious art fair Code will take place August 30 – September 2, 2018, in Copenhagen, Denmark – one of the world’s most vibrant and forward-looking capitals. As the only international art fair in Scandinavia, Code presents leading as well as emerging galleries from all over the world. Get an overview of this year’s participating galleries here.

Bella Center
Center Boulevard 5
2300 København S

Opening Hours
Thursday, August 30 | Public Vernissage 17-20
Friday, August 31 | 11-20
Saturday, September 1 | 11-20
Sunday, September 2 | 11-18

Read more about Code here.

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