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At the age of 21, Julia van der Meer opened the doors to her tidy apartment in the city centre of Amsterdam. Upon the walls in her livingroom, works of art hang side by side, free for the public to explore. This marked the beginning of Mini Galerie, one of the youngest galleries in Amsterdam, run by one of the youngest gallery owners. In 2014, the gallery moved from the apartment to a location  in the up and coming neighborhood Amsterdam-West, and the vision of Mini Galerie was clear: to shake things up in the art world.

With a fresh project-based approach, the objective of the gallery is to challenge the perceptions of art rooted in street culture and push it into new mediums and territories, but also to challenge the very idea of how you communicate about art. The keyword is transparency. All works can be seen on the website, just as you are given a price range of all works. Thus, Mini Galerie fosters an accessible art scene, inviting everyone to experience, explore, and share their love for art with no strings attached. Meet gallery owner Julia van der Meer and download the app to get her top 3 advices for new collectors.

Name: Mini Galerie
Location: Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Opening year: 2014
Number of artists: 10-15
Upcoming exhibitions: Solo with CT, solo with Jeroen Erosie and solo with Zedz
Art fairs: Art Rotterdam 2016, Amsterdam Art Fair 2017, Code Art Fair 2017

Mini Galerie
Photography by Laila Cohen

How would you describe the program of your gallery?
We focus on exhibiting contemporary art from emerging artists whose works are largely characterized by a strong graphic and abstract visual language.

Where and how do you find your artists?
From a large network of artists that we track and follow, we select the artists we strongly believe in and feel that they resemble a new generation of artists.

Presentation by Malin Gabriella Nordin at the Amsterdam Art Fair

Are the artists somehow related in their artistic practices or have anything in common?
Besides their contemporary art practice, most artists we represent are also closely linked to other disciplines such as graphic design, illustration, graffiti or street art.

Who is your main audience, primarily local or international collectors?
Even though we are well connected to the Dutch cultural scene, our main audience is international collectors.

The solo exhibition Beyond, Within by Malin Gabriella Nordin. Photo: Wytske Averink

What role do the art fairs play for you as a gallerist?
Not sure yet. It is one way of getting in touch with lots of new people and showing your artists to an entirely new audience, but in my opinion there are many different ways of reaching new clients.

What or who has influenced you as a gallerist?
My late father…

The solo exhibition Diagonal by Graphic Surgery. Photo: Wytske Averink

Mini Galerie
Kinkerstraat 12AH
1053 DT Amsterdam


Wednesday till Saturday
12:00 – 17:00

About Gallery owner Julia van der Meer
Julia van der Meer (1989) holds a degree in Cultural Studies and Art History from the University of Amsterdam. Since founding Mini Galerie she has been committed to exploring the boundaries of contemporary art and its accessibility to a wider audience.

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The solo exhibition Lood Stof by Louis Reith. Photo: Wytske Averink