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Since 2014, QB Gallery in Oslo, Norway, has been committed to making contemporary art accessible to a broader audience, not least new upcoming collectors. As a project-based showroom for contemporary art and cultural production, QB works across the art field with artists ranging from the young to the well-established, producing original works as well as limited-edition prints and other media. The gallery’s aim is to foster and nurture younger Norwegian contemporary artists, thus enabling a new generation to enjoy and collect art. Get to know how and why in this short Q&A with QB Gallery. Download the app and get QB Gallery’s Top 3 advices for new collectors.

Name: QB Gallery
Opening year: 2014
Artists: We have recently worked with artists such as Thomas Kvam, Marthe Bleu, Sebastian Helling, Josefine Lyche, Håkon Bleken Yngve Benum, Christian Tony Norum and Sverre Bjertnes
Upcoming exhibition: “A Star That Once Lit Mars”, June 2017 (Urd Pedersen, Camilla Steinum, Kristine Dragland, Marthe Andersen, Natasha Malherbe)
Art fairs: We aspire to do art fairs in the near future, focusing mainly on the up-and-coming fairs.

How would you describe the program of your gallery?
We primarily showcase the younger generation (people in their 20-40s) of Norwegian contemporary artists. This means a lot more work screening potential artists to find the most exciting ones, but it is worth it.

Where and how do you find your artists?
We build our contacts through openings, acquaintances and platforms such as Instagram and Artland. The artists we work with also recommend us new names we continually consider as well as we keep an eye on the educational institutions for MA students in Norway.

Are the artists somehow related in their artistic practices or have anything in common?
Many of the artists have an abstract expression, but we try to keep our eyes open as we would like to surprise our audiences and not showing only one particular style.

Who is your main audience, primarily local or international collectors?Mostly Norwegian, but increasingly international as the gallery is growing.

What role do the art fairs play for you as a gallerist?
Art fairs are a great opportunity to meet new collectors, present the artists we show to a larger audience, as well as discovering new artists. It is also a chance to promote artworks in editions that often don’t get enough attention.

What or who has influenced you as a gallerist?  The artists and their art as well as the Internet, and the new ways we communicate and appreciate aesthetics.

QB Gallery
Tordenskioldsgate 5
0160 Oslo, Norway
Phone: +47 993 65 233
Opening Hours: Tues – Fri 12.00 – 18.00, Sat 12.00 – 16.00

Download the app and get QB Gallery’s Top 3 advices for new collectors.

QB Gallery

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