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Eye Candy: the Best Museum Accounts to Follow on Instagram

A collection of the museum instagram posts from the Victoria & Albert Museum. Instagram museum
A collection of the museum instagram posts from the Victoria & Albert Museum

By: Tori Campbell

Museums on Instagram

With global travel severely restricted and many museums around the world temporarily shuttered, some of the best museum instagram accounts are bringing their collections right to your door. Travel around the world and through extensive global collections to see everything from contemporary Japanese installation art to the former Queen of England’s shoes from the comfort of your own home. Take a look with us at some of our favourite museum instagram accounts, and follow them yourself for some deep dives into art history and culture.


Following the Tate on instagram is sure to delight and surprise. Representing the network of four museums: the Tate Britain, Tate Liverpool, Tate St. Ives, and the Tate, and housing the United Kingdom’s national collection of British art and international modern and contemporary collections, the account offers a wide range of aesthetics and history that has the capacity to please any taste. Including videos of interviews with cultural players about what art and artists mean to them, the Tate museum instagram goes beyond the walls of the institution to make their collections accessible and topical.

Los Angeles County Museum of Art

The instagram of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (more commonly known as LACMA) not only features stunning up close and personal shots of their collections, but also photos of the goings on in and around the museum. The popular #DogsOfLACMA hashtag allows museum-goers to share adorable pictures of their pooch outside the museum, while the social media team has also been behind numerous internet trends reflecting changes in the zodiac calendar, and using artwork for popular memes.

Museum of Contemporary Art Kiasma

The instagram of the Museum of Contemporary Art Kiasma in Helsinki, Finland offers a variety of visuals; from the stunning contemporary art collection to beautiful shots of the architecture of the building. Uniquely Nordic in its design Kiasma provides its followers with insights into the workshops and events held at the institution, allowing you to visit its far-flung location from the comfort of your own smartphone. 

MoMA The Museum of Modern Art

Arguably the most popular modern art institution in the world, New York City’s Museum of Modern Art Instagram offers a wide variety of experiences for its followers. With posts celebrating their extensive collection as well as photos of visitors and events or performances; the MoMA instagram is a perfect example for museums in crafting relevant and interesting content for a diverse audience. Check out their ever-changing ‘This Week’ instastory in order to stay up to date on virtual lectures, workshops, or behind the scenes looks at the prolific collection.


Like the Tate Instagram account, the Smithsonian institution’s page is host to all 19 of the Smithsonian museums, including the National Zoo in Washington, D.C. From national artifacts like the first United States flag, to spacesuits that once stood on the moon, the instagram features them all. Additionally, the Smithsonian is host to a breathtakingly large collection of contemporary art, photographs, natural specimens, and much more. Follow them to learn more about their collections through their insightful and illuminating captions, full of historical context and interesting factoids.

The Louvre Museum

Boasting nearly four and a half million followers and over 2,000 total posts, the Louvre is unsurprisingly one of the most active and beloved museum Instagram accounts in all of France. With posts that provide in-depth context for their renowned collection, as well as architectural photos and reshares from museum-goers; the museum’s Instagram offers a look at French art history and conservation that aims to extend beyond the typical wall plaque. Check out their weekly #HistoryOfTheLouvre posts for a bit more information about the palace and its architectural history.

Mori Art Museum

The Mori Art Museum, a contemporary art museum found in Tokyo, Japan, is home to an astounding collection of Japanese and international contemporary art, fashion, photography, video, and design. With a feed featuring the best of the collection, in addition to visitor’s images interacting with the art, the Mori Art Museum’s Instagram provides an intimate look at the exhibitions and goings-on in the Roppongi Hills institution. Uniquely Japanese in its aesthetics, follow for the art but stay for features like the artist-created recipes and futuristic AI exhibitions.

Guggenheim Museum

Historically renowned not only for its impressive collection but also for its architectural legacy, New York City’s Guggenheim is a museum Instagram account worth following. Displaying Frank Lloyd Wright’s architectural masterpiece alongside shorts of the collection taken by both the museum staff and visitors, the Guggenheim’s profile provides information on both the architecture and art held within the building in a visually pleasing way. Check out their commentary from curators, staff, and artists for an intimate look at how the collection came to be.

Victoria and Albert Museum

The world’s largest museum devoted to applied and decorative arts and design, London’s Victoria & Albert Museum holds a sweeping collection that spans from antiquity to today. Sharing photographs of museum displays and archives, the museum’s feed displays some of the over two million objects in its collection, hailing from Europe, Asia, North Africa, and North America. Follow now to enjoy their collections as well as occasional fun facts and historical tidbits about the museum itself as part of the #SecretsOfTheMuseum featured hashtag.

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