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Highlights Of Enter Art Fair 2022

Installation view of Enter Art Fair
Installation view of Enter Art Fair, Copenhagen

By Adam Hencz

Only in its fourth year, Enter Art Fair has grown to become the Nordic region’s largest international art fair. Once again, the raw, industrial hall of Tunnelfabrikken in Copenhagen’s Nordhavn neighborhood has opened its doors to host high-profile galleries and artists from across the world. While maintaining a high standard of artistic and professional quality, Enter Art Fair also strives to create a welcoming atmosphere with a unique urban backdrop.

Running from 25 – 28 August 2022, this year’s edition of the fair welcomes 78 galleries based in 23 different countries and 44 different cities, from Cape Town through Berlin to Kyiv. We visited the fair on its opening day and selected some of the most remarkable works.

If you are unable to visit the fair in person, make sure to enjoy the fair’s artistic spectacle by taking a 3D tour of Enter Art Fair 2022 on Artland.

Clay Ketter – Bartha Contemporary, London

First recognized for his striking Wall Paintings (1992–2000), American-born and Uppåkra-based artist Clay Ketter draws on his previous professions as a carpenter and builder. Inspired by man-made environments, his art is part of the tradition of American painting that began with abstract expressionism and shifted into minimalism. He has continued to create works at the intersections of sculpture, painting, and architecture. Presented at this year’s Enter Art Fair are some of the artist’s more recent works that stem more and more from his writings, and readings. Most of these works are made by altering a found or given image or text-based material, and circulate around different existential considerations focused on the contemporary while also albeit informed by historical and anthropological considerations. In the case of Conspiracy Transcended, for example, the artist deleted all the text-based information by painting upon a well-known conspiracy theory chart, leaving only the circlings and arrows of the diagram.

Check out all available works by Clay Ketter on Artland.

Christopher Culver – Collaborations, Copenhagen

Christopher Culver is a painter living and working in New York. His charcoal and pastel drawings are based on photographs that Culver took himself. His artworks are ghostly pictures, voyeuristically scouring for human beings, purified of people who have yet left their traces. A pair of his drawings are on display at the fair, shown unframed, referring to the cropping and framing processes that happen in an artist’s studio.

Check out all available works by Christopher Culver on Artland.

Pauline Fransson – Bricks Gallery, Copenhagen

Pauline Fransson frequently draws inspiration for her paintings from the immediate area around her Nybro studio in Sweden. She mainly works with egg tempera and oil, and is interested in the fragile chemical reactions of the joining paint and the canvas. Her works are explorations of the medium, from a painter who is fascinated by the transparency of the tempera, the opaqueness of the oils and the vulnerability they convey on the canvas.

Check out all available works by Pauline Fransson on Artland.

Laurens Legiers – PLUS-ONE Gallery, Antwerp

Belgian artist Laurens Legiers creates his own visual library of homages to the ubiquitous themes of beauty and harmony by drawing inspiration from the spirit of Romanticism and late 18th-century imagery. His emphasis on the motif as a whole, rather than on specific details, builds a solid foundation for the play of light and shadow that surface in Legiers’ paintings. A pair of his idyllic and almost symmetrical compositions are on display and available at the fair.

Check out all available works by Laurens Legiers on Artland.

Amir H. Fallah – Dio Horia, Athens

Based in sunny Los Angeles, Amir H. Fallah creates politically-charged vivid works in distinct mediums like crypto art and acrylic paintings. The artist draws inspiration from the Islamic art of his home country Iran, mashing its traits up with Western graffiti and historical portraiture from the Dutch Golden Age. Similarly to how a DJ samples music across several genres, Fallah combines images and compositions from various artistic, cultural, and historical sources.

Check out all available works by Amir H. Fallah on Artland.

Ulrike Königshöfer – Galerie Reinthaler, Vienna

The works of Ulrike Königshöfer examine the core principles of images and aims to explore the limits of what can be depicted. How does a sensor generate an image in total darkness? What are the criteria for choosing the images that we do not wish to see? These are central questions to the Austrian artist’s oeuvre including her Shades of Glass series, of which a few pieces are on display this weekend at Tunnelfabrikken. While this series involves photograms of panes of glass at steep angles revealing the material’s irregularities, the photographs from her series Zero were taken with different camera models, completely without light. The visual information from these photos was strongly amplified afterward, thus revealing the image sensors in an inverted way.

Check out all available works by Ulrike Königshofer on Artland.

Mevlana Lipp – PLUS-ONE Gallery, Antwerp

Mevlana Lipp, a painter based in Cologne, is enthralled by the natural world, both in its pristine form and its space in the realm of human imagination. Lipp cuts floral forms out of wood and merges them into relief-like pictures. The vivid and artificial color of biomorphic motifs emphasizes their entanglement with the imaginary.

Check out all available works by Mevlana Lipp on Artland.

Hannah Heilmann – Gas9Galleri, Copenhagen

Copenhagen-based visual artist Hannah Heilmann creates photographs and photomontages on light-sensitive paper altered by mixed media like ceramic dresses, ghostly clothes in eerie landscapes, and cardboard sculptures. The artist invites the viewer into a space where complex and poetic narratives about consumerism intertwine. Heilmann humorously examines her own shopaholism and the feelings of desire when scrolling through web stores and ordering products from the palm of her hand.

Check out all available works by Hannah Heilmann on Artland.

Tales of Love and Fight

Besides fascinating booths and curated presentations approved by an international selection committee, an innovative interdisciplinary program titled Tales of Love and Fight is also part of this year’s edition of Enter Art Fair. Curated by Irene Campolmi and choreographed by Jules Fischer, the program combines various art forms in a theatrical work that is shown daily at the fair. The work was made possible by Statens Kunstfond, the Augustinus Foundation, and the New Carlsberg Foundation.

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