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Bill Brandt

Bill Brandt: The Beautiful and the Sinister

Read about the sinister and Surrealist photographs of British artist Bill Brandt.

Buket Savci, Strangers In A Strange Land

Artist Interview: Buket Savci

Bushwick-based Turkish painter Buket Savci tells us about her newest series of intimate paintings…

Remembering Claes Oldenburg

Read about Claes Oldenburg, a significant Pop artist who created enormous sculptures of everyday…

Art Movement: German Expressionism

Art Movement: German Expressionism

Read about German Expressionism, an art movement spanning visual art, literature, music, theatre,…

Art Fair 2022

Highlights Of Enter Art Fair 2022

Explore Enter Art Fair 2022 through the dazzling works of our selected artists from the fair's…

Generative art

What is Generative Art?

Learn about generative art, from early pioneers to recent experiences.

Jeffrey Gibson

Artist Interview: Jeffrey Gibson

Following his recent exhibition I AM YOUR RELATIVE at MOCA Toronto, we spoke with Jeffrey Gibson…

Refik Anadol

Refik Anadol: Digitized Memories and Machine Hallucinations

Discover the works of AI artist Refik Anadol, who transforms large datasets into immersive…

Neri Oxman

Neri Oxman: Designing For A Nature-Centric Future

Discover the work of tenured professor Neri Oxman, known for her innovative designs guided by…

Jean (Hans) Arp

Boundary-Breaking Sculptors of the 20th Century: Jean (Hans) Arp

Read about the art and life of Jean Arp, a multi-disciplinary pioneering force in major avant-garde…

Van Gogh Most Famous Paintings

Top Van Gogh Paintings Everyone Should Know

Discover the stories behind the most famous paintings by revered Dutch artist Vincent van Gogh.

Global Art Market: Master's Degree in International Contemporary Art Market

A New Master’s Degree to Train Skilled Art World Professionals

A new master's program aims to train skilled art world professionals in the increasingly…

Carrie Mae Weems

Carrie Mae Weems, Art of a Radically Innovative Storyteller

Learn about one of the most celebrated photographers of our time, whose work reveal systems of…

The Online Top 100

Tracking the Art World’s Online Performance – A New Tool for the Industry & Insights From Pace

A new tool ranks the best online performing contemporary art galleries and fairs based their…

Embroidery art

9 Artists Pushing the Boundaries of Contemporary Art with Needle and Stitch

Discover our selection of embroidery artists, who draw upon this traditional craft technique to…

Colour as Language

Colour as Language: Etel Adnan Retrospective at the Van Gogh Museum

Etel Adnan's art is celebrated alongside the art of Vincent van Gogh in the current retrospective…

Cultural Center Andratx Becomes Mallorca’s Art Hotspot This Summer with COLLABORATIONS On Vacation

Cultural Center Andratx Becomes Mallorca’s Art Hotspot This Summer with COLLABORATIONS On Vacation

We had a chat with Thomas Asbæk about Mallorca's unique cultural space CCA and its seminal summer…

The Draped Canvases of Sam Gilliam

Lost (and Found) Artist Series: The Draped Canvases of Color Field Painter Sam Gilliam

Read about Sam Gilliam, who helped redefine abstract painting with his brightly colored,…

Installation view of the current exhibition at Alzueta gallery main venue

Interview: Alzueta Gallery on Digital Strategy and Online Presence

We had the chance to interview Juliana Sorondo, Head of Media at Alzueta Gallery, to discuss the…

Vincent van Gogh: Self-Portrait

Vincent van Gogh: Life of the Post-Impressionist Master

Read about the life of Vincent van Gogh, who posthumously became one of the most celebrated artists…